Could Radio Get A Rule Change On Auto Ad Disclosures?


Changing the rules for automobile ads is a topic of interest for many radio industry C-Suite executives. With 12% of the population listening to radio likely to purchase a car, AM and FM stations are a necessary conduit for enticing automotive consumers.

But, in terms of getting disclaimers to listeners, do they help the advertiser, consumer, or the radio station? What’s Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly‘s take on possible rule changes that could put an end to the warp-speed legalese largely heard at the start or finish of a auto dealer ad?

In terms of the FCC’s disclosure rules, O’Rielly says, “I think the work that the Commission did on contest rules and the ability to move those to the internet was a good stepping stone for other disclosures.”

O’Rielly has spent time on the issue, although he admits he hasn’t talked about it too much.

He adds there has been work behind the scenes, and hopes that it is something that can the Commission can address in the near future.

“There are a lot of priorities, and a lot of different things,” O’Rielly said following a Keynote Address Tuesday (3/28) at the Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale. “It is a different approach to broadcasting and hopefully a more friendly one that recognizes the work of those broadcasters to serve their communities.”