24/7 Comedy offering “A Very Emo Halloween”


24/7 Comedy24/7 Comedy, the 24-hour, all-comedy format, will treat listeners to a special week-long Halloween host – legendary comedian Emo Phillips.  From 10/28 – 11/1, 24/7 Comedy will feature “A Very Emo Halloween,” giving listeners a peek behind the mysterious mask of Emo and highlighting some of his most popular stand-up bits.

Emo has been a mystifying figure in the comedy world for nearly 30 years.  With an orchestra of tonality and cadence, an odd falsetto intonation, and weird observations delivered in a child-like and rambling voice, Emo found himself climbing the ranks of the stand-up ladder in the ‘80s. Emo is currently touring and setting attendance records at comedy clubs across the globe.

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