Anatomy of an LPTV deal extravaganza


LPTVIf the acquisition of stations by Landover 5 had been for full power television stations, it would have been one of the biggest deal stories of the year; the same if it had been a radio deal. But as it is, it’s a big deal, including 36 top-50 market outlets among the 52 stations dealt.

The broad outlines of the deal are these: Landover 5, headed by Laurence S. Zimmerman, acquired 45 LPTVs, including five Class As, and seven LPTV CPs, from a consortium of sellers who combined to sell their low power assets. Mako Communications was the most prominent seller on a roster that also included Mintz Broadcasting, Nave Communications LLC, Tuck Properties Inc., Lawrence Howard Mintz, Michael Mintz and Marcia Cohen.
The total value of the deal was $46.5M cash.

The Class As included:
* KATA-CD Mesquite TX (Dallas)
* KUVM-CD Missouri City TX (Houston)
* KRZG-CA McAllen TX
* KNBX-CD Las Vegas NV
* KBTV-CD Sacramento CA

Here’s a look at the full buy – for the purposes of ongoing studies in progress at RBR-TVBR, they are listed largest to smallest using Arbitron rankings rather than Nielsen. Either way, the list of markets is awesome.
Here it is:

New York NY
Chicago IL
W25DW-D Arbury Hills IL
Dallas-Fort Worth TX
KATA-CD Mesquite TX
KJJM-LD Mesquite TX
K31GL-D De Soto TX
KODF-LD Britton TX
Houston TX
KUVM-CD Missouri City TX
KUVM-LD Missouri City TX
Philadelphia PA
WZPA-LD Philadelphia PA
W36DO-D Darby PA
WNAI-LP Springville NJ
Atlanta GA
WYGA-LD Atlanta GA
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale FL
W16CC-D West Gate FL
W46EN-D CP Key West FL
Seattle-Tacoma WA
KUSE-LD Seattle WA)
Phoenix AZ
K25DM-D Phoenix AZ
KTVP-LD Phoenix AZ
Puerto Rico
W26DK-D San Juan PR
W51DJ-D Mayaguez PR
W31DL-D Ponce PR
Tampa-St. Petersburg FL
W43CE-D Lealman FL
W15CM-D Orient City FL
Denver CO
K05MD-D Cripple Creek CO
St. Louis MO
KPTN-LD St. Louis MO
Sacramento CA
KBTV-CD Sacramento CA
K04QR-D Esparto CA
San Antonio TX
KISA-LD San Antonio TX
KSAA-LP San Antonio TX
K51JF San Antonio TX
Las Vegas NV
KNBX-CD Las Vegas NV
KEGS-LD Las Vegas NV
KVPX-LD Las Vegas NV
Austin TX
Oklahoma City OK
KTOU-LD Oklahoma City OK
McAllen-Brownsville TX
Colorado Springs CO
K14MH/K41JO Broadmoor CO
Corpus Christi TX
KCCX-LP Corpus Christi TX
K20JT-D Corpus Christi TX
K29IP-D Corpus Christi TX
K28LJ-D CP Corpus Christi TX
K44KI-D CP Corpus Christi TX
Palm Springs CA
K20HZ Palm Springs CA
Amarillo TX
K16HB-D Amarillo TX
K51JN-D Amarillo TX
Lubbock TX
K24GP Lubbock TX
K28LB-D CP Lubbock TX
Odessa-Midland TX
K51LJ-D Midland TX
K44KH-D CP Midland TX
Duluth MN-Superior WI
K21KR-D CP Duluth MN