Black Diamond buys in the Mitt


SoldA pair of FMs in the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is changing hands. The stations are licensed to Harrison and Houghton Lake MI.

The stations are at the unrated center of the geographical formation shaped very much like a baseball mitt.

The seller is Bridge to Bridge Inc., headed by Sindy Fuller.

The buyer is Black Diamond Broadcast Group LLC, headed by Michael Chires.

The price is $1,650,000 cash.

WUPS-FM Harrison MI is a Class C1on 98.5 MHz with 100 kW @ 981’. If covers a wide swath of mostly unrated territory in the heart of the Mitt, northwest of Saginaw and southeast of Traverse City.

WTWS-FM Houghton Lake MI is a Class A on 92.1 MHz with 920 W @ 748’. Its point of origination is much the same as that of WUPS-FM, but of course its range is much more limited.