Here Are The Latest Digital Audio Insights and Trends

The latest digital audio intelligence from Triton Digital has been released, and it provides a rather comprehensive look at total weekday listening to audio streams. We've taken a look at the data, and we're pleased to provide you all of the details.

A Major 4.0 Firmware Update For Brooklyn II Dante Modules

Audinate has released Dante firmware v4.0 for the Brooklyn II audio networking module. According to Audinate, Dante firmware 4.0 delivers critical support for Dante Domain Manager (DDM), alongside performance improvements and bug fixes. This release allows manufacturers to immediately provide field upgrades for existing launched products to make them DDM-ready.

Inovonics Retires the 222 AM Processor

After a 30-year production run, the end-of-life for Inovonics' 222 AM Broadcast Processor has been set. The Model 222 was launched in 1987 and designed to make AM stations compliant with the US NRSC II standard. The Model 222 has gone on to find its place in International MW, Shortwave, SCA, LPAM, LPFM and many other broadcast applications.

Here’s What Artel Is Showcasing At IBC2017

Want to know what Artel Video Systems has planned for IBC2017 attendees this fall? The company plans to showcase an end-to-end hybrid IP- and fiber-based network specifically designed to address customers' growing requirements as they migrate from direct fiber to all IP or hybrid IP/SDI networks.

A Monroe Electronics Senior Director Is Named To IPAWS

The senior director for strategic and government affairs at Western New York-based emergency information tech company Monroe Electronics has been appointed to the FEMA National Advisory Council Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, or "IPAWS," subcommittee.

Coming To IBC2017: Artemis Ray

Calrec Audio's Artemis Ray digital audio console will make its European debut at IBC2017. The big takeaway for users of the predecessor product, Artemis Beam? Artemis Ray has 456 fully featured input channels and can handle up to 72 faders, the same as the larger Artemis Shine model.

One-Touch HD Streaming For Three Destinations? It’s Here

Osprey Video has unveiled an extension of its Talon hardware encoder line with the launch of the Talon G2. Similar to previous releases, the Talon G2 creates live RTMP streams for unmanaged networks, including the internet. It's designed for A/V and broadcast customers looking for end-to-end video-streaming tools for professional workflows.

Learning On Demand: How ‘AI’ Brings More ROI

Were you unable to participate in RBR+TVBR's exclusive free live webinar on July 18 featuring Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson and Veritone Media SVP Drew Hilles and Director of Business Development Logan Ketchum? No worries. All it takes is an internet connection, and logging on to YouTube for 45 minutes.

Connected Devices are Connecting Data and Privacy

Currently, there are about 8.4 billion connected devices worldwide, up 31% from 2016, according to estimates from Gartner’s. The consumer segment is the largest user base of these devices with 5.2 billion units being utilized in 2017. These devices represent 63% of the overall number of present applications. "We can only expect these numbers to continue growing exponentially," the Association of National Advertisers notes.

Smart Speakers Poised To Capture 30% Of U.S. Market

The allure of smart speakers continues to attract the attention of consumers, bucking the wider audio market's slowdown and even reinventing Amazon as the world's largest audio equipment vendor. However, that's just the beginning of a wider market transformation, with voice personal assistants (VPAs) at the heart of a new CE land grab, according to a comprehensive new market report from Futuresource Consulting.

Integrated IP Input Support For All-In-One Production Systems Arrives

multiCAM Systems, a supplier of integrated video production systems serving the broadcast and professional AV markets, is launching a new IP interface feature, compatible with its comprehensive line of products, that receives IP video streams directly from the local area network.

A Training, Equipment and Support Toolkit For News Drones

What is being billed as the broadcast media industry's inaugural how-to guide designed for the newsroom that seeks to use its own camera crews for drone-based story gathering has been released.

Monarch Flies In As A New Ad Sales Platform

The "only media data hub with integrations, CRM, intelligence, forecasting, OMS capabilities, reporting and analytics that is ready to use, ready to go," is now available from a Pittsburgh-based media ad technology firm.

SMPTE 2017 Registration Now Available

SMPTE has opened registration for its SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for Oct. 24-26 in Los Angeles. At the same time, the entertainment industry tech association has set its SMPTE 2017 Symposium, preceding the technical conference and exhibition, for Oct. 23. 

Update: C Spire Goes Live With STB-Free Platform

In April, RBR+TVBR reported on the late spring 2017 launch of a new streaming TV service that “eliminates the need for set-top boxes and revolutionizes how customers enjoy their favorite content.” That service — C Spire TV — went live earlier this month.

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