What’s The First FCC TV Repack Cost Estimate?

The FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force this morning calculated the aggregate amount of the estimated costs of reimbursement-eligible TV stations and MVPDs faced with new post-incentive auction channel assignments. The figure is upward of $2.1 billion.

Here’s A Suggestion For Microsoft That Goes Beyond ‘White Space’

Much has been said, and criticized, about Microsoft President Brad Smith's goal of bringing broadband connectivity to rural America via the use of free "white space" -- that buffer zone on the spectrum that is found between broadcast TV stations. The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) commends Smith’s goal of broadband to all of rural America in the next five years. But, the way Microsoft seeks to do it is flawed, ATBA argues, and it has a better solution.

Here’s What Joe Uva’s Up To Now

Anyone who has been involved in Hispanic media over the last decade recognizes the name Joe Uva. Now, it is time for the rapidly growing podcast business to get familiar with Uva, who has been appointed non-executive chairman of the board of reVolver Podcasts.

The New Look Of In-Home Radio: ‘Alexa’s Place’

In a Wednesday midday webinar, Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs and Amplifi Media CEO Steve Goldstein teamed up to talk about how new in-home technologies are affecting radio listeners. They shared insights from Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey13, and we listened in for you to provide the key takeaways on why radio's place in the home is going retro.

Big Easy’s Jazz Station Gets Skilled On Alexa

A content delivery network and streaming media provider has added itself to the list of entities that wish to help broadcast stations bring radio back into the homes of today's connected audiences. The first station to work with the company: A fabled New Orleans noncomm that's the official station of the annual Jazz Fest.

Swail Succeeds Argyris As This Tech Firm’s Head

One of the top wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions providers for both radio and TV broadcast companies has selected the successor to its retiring CEO.

Qligent Has A New Match For MVPDs and Media

A specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis is nearly ready to unveil the latest addition to its Vision cloud-based monitoring portfolio. With this release, Qligent hopes it will be the perfect "Match" for MVPDs and broadcasters alike.

Now Shipping: A Wireless Apple CarPlay In-Dash Receiver

Alpine Electronics of America has made available to all the first aftermarket in-dash receiver dedicated to wireless Apple CarPlay.

New Telos Broadcast Audio Processing Software Arrives

OmniaSST broadcast audio software is now available from The Telos Alliance. It's the first processor to support the Telos Alliance's µMPX codec.

A Forecast and Pending Business Reporting System For Radio

Looking for a pending business and forecast management system for your radio stations? Here's something that may be of interest to you, as media ad sales platform creator Matrix Solutions has partnered with Katz Media Group on a new reporting system for its broadcast partners.

The ‘Most Significant New Technology’ Is TV’s Next Big Thing

The “Most Significant New Technology” has been declared by InteractiveTV Today at its 11th annual TV of Tomorrow Show. What is it? The next-generation broadcast TV standard that's set to revolutionize the medium through personalization and ultra HD signals.

Hearst Goes With Hadl To Head Eastern Engineering

Veteran broadcast TV engineer Mike Keller is retiring after 25 years with Hearst Television at the end of 2017. In preparation for Keller's departure, it's already promoted someone from within to serve as its next Director of Engineering for the Eastern Region.

Did The FCC Get Fake Net Neutrality Docket Comments?

House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) on Wednesday urged the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate whether Federal law was violated by the submission of fake comments — using stolen identities — to the FCC net neutrality commenting system.

Music and Radio: Chief Reasons For Home Smart Speakers

"Hey, broadcast radio executives. Get on Alexa and Google Home access today!" That could be one of the key messages from an hour-long webinar on home smart speaker usage presented Wednesday by NPR and Edison Research.

Lotame Lassoes A Partnership With iQ Media

A top independent data management platform (DMP) and data exchange has been selected as a partner by a company that's best known for providing TV companies with solutions for ad detection, sponsorship measurement and media monitoring.

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