Should Broadcast Media Be Concerned About CMO Tenure?

Winning over the Chief Marketing Officer to AM and FM, and VHF and UHF, may be more difficult than ever. That's because the average tenure of a CMO is shrinking, according to newly released data from eadership consulting firm Spencer Stuart. What does this mean for radio and TV? The better question might be, "What does this mean for advertising?"

A State Senator’s Fight Brings WFSB Back To Optimum

After eight weeks, Optimum subscribers in Connecticut regained access to their local CBS affiliate, WFSB-3 in Hartford, Friday afternoon. The end of a bitter impasse came after a state senator sought to bring Meredith and Optimum parent Altice USA together to resolve their differences. In this RBR + TVBR INFOCUS report, we talked exclusively to this legislator right at the moment she excitedly learned of the battle's end.

Is Public Broadcasting Truly Imperiled?

It became known early Thursday that the Trump Administration's proposed Federal budget calls for the wholesale elimination of funding for public media. In this RBR + TVBR INFOCUS report, the tale of three very different public radio operations shows how any loss in dollars from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting could be devastating, or potentially lead to less noncomm diversity.

‘Listener and Local-Business Supported’: The New Indie Formula?

Faced with diminished national buys, fierce competition from such publicly traded large broadcasters as Townsquare Media and iHeartMedia, and a listener pool with a strong appetite for Sirius XM, Radio Woodstock -- WDST-FM in Woodstock, NY -- went to its listeners with a pledge drive not-so dissimilar to one seen on a public radio station. In an exclusive RBR + TVBR INFOCUS report, GM Richard Fusco explains why it was done, and how it can save independent broadcasters across the U.S.

How Local Loyalty Has Crafted A NoVa Winner

Centennial Broadcasting excels with a locally focused group of stations on the fringe of the National Capital Region

Colonial’s Emerging Difference In The Carolinas

In the conclusion to an exclusive RBR + TVBR INFOCUS report, Jeff Andrulonis talks up being a different choice among national competitors

AM, FM Fuel Local Business Growth In Kansas

For Rocking M Media, "localism" means serving as an incubator for rural businesses -- with radio stations as a key conduit

Rocking M: ‘Not A Radio Company’

RBR + TVBR speaks with Christopher Miller on his family company and their "electronic real estate" philosophy

Relationships, And Results, Aloha Style

Pacific Media Group is growing, without buying stations. Learn how their business model could work for your cluster.
Saga Communications, Inc.

Small-Market Success, Next To Nashville

Saga Communications’ Clarksville, Tenn. cluster has seen sales success and talent longevity. How? By loving being local.

After-Auction Sales Action Likely For TV

Broker Larry Patrick believes television industry swaps and sales will get busy come May 2017.
Larry Patrick

Broker Focus In ’17: iHeart, Cumulus Health

Broker Larry Patrick believes that the pending debt crises at both iHeart Radio and Cumulus Media will be key issues in 2017.

Touring Washington with NAB’s Rick Kaplan

The National Association of Broadcasters has a new point man in Congress and at the FCC:

Talking finance and regulation with Frank Montero

Frank Montero discusses the lack of deal financing and how we might scare some up and much more.

A look into Gordon Borrell’s alarming crystal ball

If you think things are looking good for traditional media, you are not on the same page as Gordon Borrell.

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