Nine Reasons Why Your Top Sales Execs Exit

RBR+TVBR featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger too often hears stories about good companies who lose their top sales reps. "In most cases, this can be avoided," he says. Here are some helpful tips on how to accomplish this task.

Local TV News Salaries Rise, But At A Lower Rate

The final installment in a nine-part annual newsroom survey for 2017 developed by Bob Papper, Professor Emeritus at New York's Hofstra University, has been released by the RTDNA—the Radio Television Digital News Association. This last installment looks at earnings, and pay stubs. How are local TV news personnel faring, wage wise? "It was a decent year for salaries," Papper says. But, it could have been a little better. 

The FCC Budget: Funded By AMs and FMs Near You

The following column, in the opinion of Radio+Television Business Report featured columnist Ken Benner, is "absolute must reading for every broadcast licensee from which you can learn all you don't want to know about in a 10-minute perusal." He adds that his "FCC FY 2018 Budget In Brief" report "clearly documents" what he's been ranting about over the past 10 years, much to the chagrin of his adversaries.

Can Radio, TV Help ‘Struggling’ CMOs Reach Local Consumers?

RBR+TVBR's Editor-in-Chief is back from his travels in Toronto and Upstate N.Y. and boy is he steamed. It has nothing to do with the weather. It's all thanks to an e-mail from the CMO Council that claims Chief Marketing Officers "are struggling to meet the needs of local audiences." If that's the case, do radio and TV get a big fat 'F'?

Inside The Nielsen Total Audience Report for 2017

This latest report takes a broader look at four generations—Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. Nielsen looked at their profiles, what they own, and their behaviors across platforms. We've got the details for all RBR+TVBR Members.

Top Tips On How To Lead By Example

There is no single sure-fire method executives can get the most out of their team. But there are a lot of methods that feed into it. According to Mike Rudd, two keys are knowing precisely what is being asked of the team, and being willing to do it right alongside them.

Here’s The Five-Year Forecast For Entertainment & Media Companies

Adjusting to change is essential when facing relentless competition compounded by ongoing disruption and slow growth. Citing data and analysis, PwC's 2017 Global Entertainment and Media Outlook offers compelling insights into how media and consumer-focused entertainment companies are adapting, investing, experimenting and innovating amid six areas of change. We've got details for all RBR+TVBR members.

A Glossary For Washington Regulatory ‘Complexification’

Ken Benner is known as a leader in the process and ultimate success of the Alternative Broadcast Inspection program. Since 1995, Benner has trotted from station to station with a bulging binder full of important information an AM or FM facility must adhere to, lest they get an FCC fine. In this Media Information Bureau exclusive, Benner shares some of his "Bennerism Wizdomics." We share these with you, as it greatly reflects his views—and perhaps those of new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai—on the layers of regulations that broadcasters presently deal with from the Commission.

A Guide To Self Certification Inspections

Here's a memo to all radio and television station managers from Ken Benner, a veteran independent Alternative FCC Compliance Certification Inspector: As your state broadcast association solicits your part in its “Alternative Inspection Program,” you may wish to consider this condensation of a recently published column.

A New Tool For Fully Interactive Multi-Platform TV

Thanks to the rapid ascent of "over-the-top" (OTT) viewing of full-length scripted programming, reality shows, sports, and news programming, TV isn't just that box in the living room anymore. Srini Dharmaji wants every member of the broadcast TV industry's C-Suite to fully understand this. In the RBR+TVBR INFOCUS report, we examine how social and digital platforms are now, more than ever, essential extensions of VHF and UHF stations.

Back-to-School Shopping Spend Set To Sprout

Yes, we know you're just back to the office from the Independence Day holiday ... maybe. Even so, parents and members of Gen Z are already budgeting for their back-to-school shopping. In Hawaii, school starts at the end of the month. Not long after that, students will be back to school in California, Florida, and other states. Are retailers set to see a bump in sales? Yes, says eMarketer.

Gen Z: The Not-So-Silent Generation

Most of Gen Z — the generation born after 1995 — still aren’t old enough to buy alcohol, get married or hold their first job. But, they’re already flexing their consumer muscles. More than 70% of Gen Z consumers surveyed for the National Retail Federation (NRF)/IBM “Uniquely Gen Z” study released earlier this year say they influence family spending on everything from electronics and vacations to everyday household items.

Getting Back To Basics In The C-Suite

When there’s a lot going on, we often push the fundamentals aside and forget the basic skills that have been part of our success. Project management has been a central part of Michelle LaBrose's success from the beginning of her career. So, when the founder and "Chief Cheetah" of Cheetah Learning is faced with new challenges, she remembers one acronym: "IPEMC."

A Tribute To The FCC Chairman

He faces the most difficult challenge in the history of the Commission, as he travels the nation seeking support from the broadcasting community. He is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner is beyond a doubt in support of, as he writes in this "tribute" to the Commission's leader.

Can Your Stations Conquer Personal Care Communication?

Consumers of personal care businesses ranging from fitness clubs, salons, massage clinics, spas, beauty products and nutritionals prefer TV and direct mail over other media. That bit of sour news for the radio industry C-Suite comes courtesy of a new public opinion poll conceived and commissioned by LAVIDGE and Mosaic Multicultural. Here's some words of wisdom from our Editor-in-Chief to the radio industry C-Suites: Don't be defeated, as this is a great opportunity for you to prove these consumers wrong.

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