How A Painfully Awkward Video Can Help You Avoid Sales Mistakes

The late, great comedian Jerry Lewis sat for an interview while in his 90s with a staff member from The Hollywood Reporter. The interview is known as "7 Painfully Awkward Minutes with Jerry Lewis." Many people commenting on the interview blamed Lewis for the awkwardness. Sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger didn’t see it that way.

One Simple Technique That Can Increase Sales

Is getting a sale as good as getting "the sale"? Sales pro and Media Information Bureau contributing columnist Barrett Riddleberger says no. Why? You may have had one of our AEs sell something, but they could have easily left more on the table for the buyer to consider, while leaving dollars on the table. 

Cable Outpaces Broadcast for Viewer Attention

That's the attention-grabbing headline plastered on the promotional announcement for the release of the latest Quarterly TV Attention Report from TVision Insights. The TVision report seeks to tell advertisers which demographics truly engage with television, which TV shows hold viewer interest, and which brands combine engaging content with effective media planning in order to garner the most attention. The Q2 2017 report yielded three key conclusions.

Measuring, and Monetizing, Local TV Audiences

Of the $20.9 billion in the local TV ad market, only 5% of the revenue comes from digital properties such as web assets, mobile apps and distribution platforms such as Facebook. Can local TV operators find a path to increase their digital revenue growth? A new report from BIA/Kelsey may offer some successful suggestions.

What To Ask Your Reps After Every Sales Call

A well-prepared sales rep always has a greater chance of landing a sale than those who aren’t. So, how should your sales reps prepare for a sales call? For Barrett Riddleberger, the answer is simple: Start by asking them the right questions to get them thinking about their next appointment from a more strategic perspective.

Attention Sales Pros: Consumers Are Hesitant To Open Wallets

From job growth picking up and income lagging behind to weak housing investments and the current political climate, consumers are being bombarded with a slew of mixed indicators that are making them less willing to open their wallets and spend. That's the important takeaway for broadcast media sales executives and the C-Suite from a newly released study from IRI.
David Field

Entercom Puts Its Bets On Podcast Growth

"Premium, personality-based podcasts" and other on-demand audio content is growing in popularity among advertisers and consumers, in particular digitally savvy audio listeners who don't consider themselves "radio listeners." Perhaps that's one reason why Entercom Communications has just acquired a 45% stake in a big podcast creator.

Are Your Stations Getting Auto Dealer Crumbs?

Borrell Associates on Tuesday will release its annual outlook on automotive advertising. As a "sneak peek" of the latest research from the firm led by Gordon Borrell, the local media industry's leading analyst provided a snapshot of how car dealers allocate their advertising dollars. What does the portrait look like? It's not so great for TV, and it's downright lousy for radio.

10 Smart Ways To Beat The Biggest Sales Training Problems

Sales training can be highly effective. It can also fail to provide the ROI you expect. Here are 10 reasons why sales training doesn’t work, according to professional selling expert Barrett Riddlebeger, and the solutions he's drafted to help your broadcast media stations implement a successful sales training program.

Nine Reasons Why Your Top Sales Execs Exit

RBR+TVBR featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger too often hears stories about good companies who lose their top sales reps. "In most cases, this can be avoided," he says. Here are some helpful tips on how to accomplish this task.

Back-to-School Shopping Spend Set To Sprout

Yes, we know you're just back to the office from the Independence Day holiday ... maybe. Even so, parents and members of Gen Z are already budgeting for their back-to-school shopping. In Hawaii, school starts at the end of the month. Not long after that, students will be back to school in California, Florida, and other states. Are retailers set to see a bump in sales? Yes, says eMarketer.

Can Your Stations Conquer Personal Care Communication?

Consumers of personal care businesses ranging from fitness clubs, salons, massage clinics, spas, beauty products and nutritionals prefer TV and direct mail over other media. That bit of sour news for the radio industry C-Suite comes courtesy of a new public opinion poll conceived and commissioned by LAVIDGE and Mosaic Multicultural. Here's some words of wisdom from our Editor-in-Chief to the radio industry C-Suites: Don't be defeated, as this is a great opportunity for you to prove these consumers wrong.

The Stupidity Of Online Advertising

Local businesses are increasingly turning to digital media to participate in what they believe are cost-effective solutions. Our Editor-in-Chief on Friday morning logged on to one e-mail account that features an ad window, and can easily refute this notion based on the "irrelevant" ads that popped up — including one for a hotel thousands of miles away that can only be explained in a way that makes online advertising "inane" and a waste of money.

Why ‘Qualifying’ Makes You An Awesome Sales Rep

In this latest Media Information Bureau column from expert sales coach Barrett Riddleberger, the concept of "qualifying" is discussed in detail. "Without question, qualifying is one of the most critical steps of the sales process," Riddleberger says. Here are eight reasons why this is so crucial to your sales team's ultimate success.

Is Contextual Ad Buying An ROI Dud?

While evidence exists in support of the benefit of contextually relevant advertising in aggregate, its benefits on return on ad spend (ROAS) for digital campaigns and unaided ad recall for TV ads is uncertain. Those are the findings of original research presented today by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) at its 2017 Audience Measurement forum, “Modern Measurement: Media, Models & Methods.” Is that good news for broadcast media?

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