Why ‘Live Day’ Can Aid Your Stations In Myriad Ways

Here's something that's cool, and definitely establishes Radio as the one media that can truly connect with local listeners in ways Spotify, Pandora, and even TV stations and newspapers can't do. It's all about going live -- and that includes all on-air elements, including commercials. Entercom is the company behind this "more than just a stunt" opportunity — and it's something that could get your stations get noticed, and more listener love, too.

Ten Reasons To Practice Your Pitch

Why did Michael Jordan shoot hundreds of free throws each week? Why do the best actors in Hollywood have acting coaches? Being the best requires practice, mentoring and coaching, says Ryan Dohrn. Here are 10 ways to make practicing your ad sales pitch better.

Are Advertisers Pledging Your Ad Dollars To ‘Oath’?

"Building brands people love" is the marketing tag line associated with Oath, the parent company of AOL and Yahoo! owned by Verizon. But, what is its purpose? A Thursday evening marketing mixer in Miami sponsored by the company delivered one glaring answer: Oath is about gnawing away at ad dollars going to radio and TV, and building a bigger case for digital media.

More Key Questions To Ask Sales Candidates

Clients of Media Information Bureau featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger, an expert sales training coach, often ask him the following question: "What are good interview questions to ask sales candidates?" A previous column on the topic proved so popular that's he has followed it up with another 10 revealing interview questions to present to sales candidates.

Smart Audio: More On Consumer Influence From ‘Alexa’

NPR and Edison Research in June released The Smart Audio Report. The research showed one clear finding: Voice-activated smart speakers are becoming a must-have device in U.S. homes. In fact, 42% of smart speaker owners consider their device "essential" to everyday life. NPR and Edison have just released more original research from the report.

Seven Winning Ways To Stop Sagging Sales Team Success

Is your sales team falling short of expectations? Ask yourself why. Expert sales coach Barrett Riddleberger puts this question to his clients on a first call to get their perceptions about why their sales team is not meeting expectations. Sometimes he gets clear responses. Mostly, he receives vague ones, as he notes in this latest column.

Has The Bubble Popped For Mobile Video?

Ooyala has just released its Q2 2017 Global Video Index, and there's a glimmer of hope for broadcast radio and TV C-Suiters intent on scraping away at some of those digital ad dollars: Mobile video plays have plateaued after 22 quarters of strong growth, increasing just over 1% since Q1 this year.

Is The Death Of Brick-and-Mortar Retail ‘Fake News’?

“The so-called ‘retail apocalypse’ makes for a great headline, but it’s simply not true." That's according to Greg Buzek, president of IHL Group, which has released a research report that declares, "A lot has been made in the mainstream news about the death of retail. But it is fake news." The 34-page White Paper, "Debunking the Retail Apocalypse," gives pause to broadcast media sales executives and members of the C-Suite, as brick-and-mortar retailers represent a healthy advertiser category that could grow through the use of radio.

Why Ignoring Quality For Quantity Hurts Radio’s Sales Stars

RBR+TVBR Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner has some thoughts on how some radio stations have forgotten how to use the power of auditory messaging to best reach consumers. It could be one reason why Madison Avenue, and its many millennials, don't think of radio as the ROI delivery machine it truly is. Learn if your stations are on the right track by reading this column.

How A Painfully Awkward Video Can Help You Avoid Sales Mistakes

The late, great comedian Jerry Lewis sat for an interview while in his 90s with a staff member from The Hollywood Reporter. The interview is known as "7 Painfully Awkward Minutes with Jerry Lewis." Many people commenting on the interview blamed Lewis for the awkwardness. Sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger didn’t see it that way.

One Simple Technique That Can Increase Sales

Is getting a sale as good as getting "the sale"? Sales pro and Media Information Bureau contributing columnist Barrett Riddleberger says no. Why? You may have had one of our AEs sell something, but they could have easily left more on the table for the buyer to consider, while leaving dollars on the table. 

Cable Outpaces Broadcast for Viewer Attention

That's the attention-grabbing headline plastered on the promotional announcement for the release of the latest Quarterly TV Attention Report from TVision Insights. The TVision report seeks to tell advertisers which demographics truly engage with television, which TV shows hold viewer interest, and which brands combine engaging content with effective media planning in order to garner the most attention. The Q2 2017 report yielded three key conclusions.

Measuring, and Monetizing, Local TV Audiences

Of the $20.9 billion in the local TV ad market, only 5% of the revenue comes from digital properties such as web assets, mobile apps and distribution platforms such as Facebook. Can local TV operators find a path to increase their digital revenue growth? A new report from BIA/Kelsey may offer some successful suggestions.

What To Ask Your Reps After Every Sales Call

A well-prepared sales rep always has a greater chance of landing a sale than those who aren’t. So, how should your sales reps prepare for a sales call? For Barrett Riddleberger, the answer is simple: Start by asking them the right questions to get them thinking about their next appointment from a more strategic perspective.

Attention Sales Pros: Consumers Are Hesitant To Open Wallets

From job growth picking up and income lagging behind to weak housing investments and the current political climate, consumers are being bombarded with a slew of mixed indicators that are making them less willing to open their wallets and spend. That's the important takeaway for broadcast media sales executives and the C-Suite from a newly released study from IRI.

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