Don’t Be Duped By The ‘Pinball’

Ever have a salesperson that seems to bounce from one person to the next seeking validation from others because they have a low self-esteem? If so, then this column from sales training pro Barrett Riddleberger is just for you.

Run Away From This Type Of Sales Candidate

Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Barrett Riddleberger has made a living out of identifying sales candidates who, when hired, fail to meet expectations. In this latest column, Riddleberger notes that all of these bad hires have one thing in common: They interview well.

Deconstructing The TV Commercial Pod

Viewership drives advertising dollars. The more viewers the more dollars. We try to find the most cost effective programming that delivers the greatest bang for the buck. But revenue is not driven by the totality of the eyeballs but rather the placement of those eyeballs within the commercial pods at the exact right moment. When it comes down to it, this columnist says, television is all about the pods.

Watch Out For This Tricky Sales Candidate

Sales coach Barrett Riddleberger often identifies the types of salespeople who fail to meet expectations but always seem to have one thing on common: they interview well. "You struggle to hire good salespeople but experience frustration when they fail to meet their sales goals," he laments. This columns provides one example of why this happens.

Ten Great Spring Reads That Can Boost Your Sales Wisdom

Barrett Riddleberger is a sales trainer who has invested the last two decades of his life helping salespeople and sales leaders become more successful. In this Media Information Bureau column, Riddleberger offers a little "spring reading," with the 10 books that he recommends the most to people seeking new inspiration in their sales career. Only one of these books is about sales.

Five Behaviors of Stellar Salespeople You Should Replicate Now

We desire to be stellar salespeople. But what are the common characteristics of superstars? Some traits deal with internal factors such as personality style and thinking patterns. Other traits deal with things that can be replicated such as behaviors and activities. Noted sales coach Barrett Riddleberger offers five common habits that top performing salespeople do on a consistent basis.

Long, Unskippable Ads: Radio’s Next Problem?

Given what YouTube just did about one of its most user-disliked advertising features, will AM and FM radio stations learn to follow

Four Ways To Up-Sell Clients

"Apart from simply asking for more business, the goal is to develop or reinforce your relationship with key contacts in the account."

Final Words Of Wisdom From Irwin Pollack

The Boston-based radio sales and management trainer and divorce attorney lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday

Why Bad Salespeople Get Hired

How could a $7M sales superstar totally flop at his next employer? Maybe he was simply the wrong choice for the job.

Ways To Turn A ‘No’ Client Into A ‘Yes’ Client

The following tips are both necessary and instrumental for getting bigger deals in less time, from the people who have the authority to say “yes!”

Smart Ways To Coach Your Reps On Sales Calls

Barrett Riddleberger offers four steps to take when coaching sales reps to develop their skills and help them achieve their sales goals.
Shopping / Christmas / Holiday

Did ‘Santa’ Arrive Early Enough For Radio?

Holiday favorites may have hijacked your market's AC station as early as Veterans Day. Nielsen data suggest that may not be soon enough.

Marketing Basics Revisited

The perceptions or position you want to create in the mind of your prospect, along with your goals, should be considered

How Broadcast Media Can Squelch Snapchat

Is three seconds long enough to establish a valuable brand connection with consumers? RBR + TVBR’s Editor-In-Chief says no way

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