Greece Fails to Grease the Stock Market Wheels

The vast majority of the broadcast stocks we follow were punished

June Trading: Crickets

Just about any way the data is sliced, June is in last place
Stock Market

Taking Stock of June

There were notable exceptions, but there is no getting around the fact

June Deal Doldrums Kicking In

We don’t know what the weather has been like where you live

TV Stocks Fare Better as June Winds Down

All in all, the week of June 22-26 was not a particularly pleasant one

Split V’s on Weekly Station Trading

One of the key V-words was respectable in terms of station trading

Stock Surge for Some Last Week

The week of June 15-19 was very kind to a number of companies

May Trading Injects Life into 2015 Value

There wasn’t anything off the charts about the 106 stations that were proposed for transfer

Station Traders Take a Breather

The pace of station trading picked up throughout the month of May
Stock Market

Radio Leads TV Stocks during June Week Two

There was a lot of red ink spilled on the television side

April Showers Brought May Glowers

A lot if not most broadcast stocks were challenged during the month of April

Radio Shoulders the Deal-making Burden

There were only eight deals filed with the FCC during the first week of June
Stock Market

Stocks Get Off to a Good June Start

The vast majority of broadcast stocks followed by RBR+TVBR had a good or even a great week

Alpha Fuels Trading Week of the Year

Larry Wilson’s Alpha Media has been doing almost all the heavy lifting

Broadcast Stocks Drop during May’s Final Week

"Look out below” was the word for the day as broadcast stocks took a month-ending tumble

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