Another Typical Week in Station Trading

Once again, there were no true blockbuster deals for broadcast stations

The Merry or Not So Merry Month of May

Broadcast stocks were all over the place during the week of May 11-15

Traders Active in First Full Week of May

A total of 16 broadcast transactions were accepted by the FCC for filing

May Stocks Start on Sour Note

It wasn’t sour of all of the stocks followed by RBR+TVBR

March Station Trading Pace Extends to April

There is nothing to call the station trading marketplace for 2015 other than slow

April Broadcast Stocks All Over the Place

That was true on the radio side of the ledger, at least among the stocks followed by RBR+TVBR. The range of plusses and minuses...

A Stock Week TV Would Like to Forget

It wasn’t that any one particular television stock got creamed

April Trading Stays Stuck in First Gear

We had a station-trading week in which one deal accounted for almost all of the value

Station Trading Market in Mosey Mode

Dealers of broadcast licenses are not on a path to break any records this year

A Week of Mixed Stock Results

Radio companies for the most part did not fare well

The Mid-April Station Trading Saga

The movement of stations from own owner to another

Stocks Down, With a Few Exceptions

The week of April 13-17 is not going to go down in broadcast history as a great week

Year of the Deal? Not Yet

By all accounts, 2014 wasn’t the world’s most amazing year

Top Deals of Q1 2015

The year is young with three months down, nine to go

First Quarter Stocks a Study in Contrasts

It’s time to put on a helmet and strap in – we’re going to take a close up and personal look

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