Dealmakers Coming Out of Hibernation?

The first full week of April featured a healthy amount of action
SBS / Spanish Broadcasting System

SBS, iHeart Stocks on a Roll

The usual ups and downs on the stock market were in evidence

March Thaw Comes to the Station Trading Market

Truth be told, it would only take one modestly robust group transaction

Broadcast Stocks and March Mood Swings

Out of the stocks followed by RBR+TVBR, the one that stood out was Beasley

Modest Trading Activity as Q2 begins

Station trading last week bridged the quarterly divide

iHeart Stock Takes Off as March Segues to April

If iHeartMedia stock had brought increased by just a nickel more

Alpha Dominates Another Trading Week

The station trading market in the year 2015 has not even come close to warming up

Stocks: A Tale of Two Media

The week of March 23-27 wasn’t ubiquitously good for radio, but overall it was a great week for three companies and a decent one...

Gray Twin Falls Deal Sparks Mid-March Trading

It is frequently the case that one big deal will fuel a surge

Huge Radio/TV Divide in Stock Results

Looking at how radio and television issues performed during the week of March 16-20

A Smidge of Trading in March Week 2

One of the most significant deals of the week involved the reclaiming of a Fort Pierce market FM

If You Thought January Trading was Slow

Then you’ll really get a snooze out of February

Signs of Life in March Station Trading Opener

Results for the first week of March were mildly encouraging

Stocks: For Some, March Came in Like a Bear

Not every broadcast company followed by RBR+TVBR had a bad opening week

Broadcast Stocks Bloomed in February

Most of them did, anyway. In fact, most broadcast stocks did very well

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