This NPRM Seeks Input On A Proposed New FM

Should a local broadcasting company be granted a brand-new station serving a small town some 75 miles south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming? The FCC is now seeking comments on the plan.

A ‘Must Review’ For All Broadcast Licensees

"Stop whatcha doin', cause I'm about to ruin, the image and the style that ya used to ..." OK, maybe it's not time for The Humpty Dance. But, RBR+TVBR Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner insists you should read his latest column, and pronto. Why? "To save substantial funds in fines, fees, forfeitures and, most significantly, legal expenses, I can recommend no better source of information."
John Thune

Carr, Rosenworcel Inch Closer To Commissioner Confirmations

Come next Wednesday, Jessica Rosenworcel and Brendan Carr will be one step closer to getting new offices at The Portals. That's when the Senate Commerce Committee will hold an executive session to consider their appointments, as well as the renomination of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and David Redl as the head of the NTIA.

‘Viewer and Listener Protection Act’ Gets NAB’s Applause

Republican Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas on Wednesday introduced legislation that would establish a new "Viewer and Listener Protection Fund" within the U.S. Treasury to make certain broadcasters nationwide can stay on air. The move follows the introduction of similar legislation in the House of Representatives by Rep. Frank Pallone.

Is The FCC Putting Corporations Over Consumers?

That's an assertion made by House Energy & Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.) on Tuesday in his opening remarks at a Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing focused on oversight and the reauthorization of the FCC.

This House E&C Leader’s Pledge: FCC Humility Restoration

Rep. Marsha Blackburn has emerged as a leader on communications and technology issues in the House of Representatives, primarily through her role as Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee's Subcommittee devoted to those two business areas. That's why her thoughts on key issues such as net neutrality carry strong sway with Congress. She was vocal on the end of Title II reclassification, while also taking a swipe at the leadership of former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.
FEMA / Federal Emergency Management Agency

Here’s What You Need For The Next EAS National Test

It's official: The FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau has set Sept. 27 as the date for the next nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. With a notice released Monday, the EAS Test Reporting System is now open for 2017 filings. Perhaps most importantly for radio and TV stations, the latest edition of the EAS Operating Handbook has been released. 

Even With ‘Review and Scrub,’ More For Repack Reimbursement Likely

As of July 14, the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force calculated the aggregate amount of the estimated costs of reimbursement-eligible TV stations and MVPDs faced with new post-incentive auction channel assignments. Their estimate: $2.12 billion. The amount Congress allocated? That's $1.75 billion, and Commissioner Michael O'Rielly is convinced more funds are needed—in particular to assist FM stations impacted by the repack.

Commissioner Clyburn Slams Sinclair-Bonten Deal

Less than 24 hours after the FCC restored the UHF discount, allowing broadcast TV companies to effectively own more stations, Sinclair Broadcast Group on April 21 agreed to acquire the Randy Bongarten-led Bonten Media Group Holdings for $240 million. That deal, and its approval by the FCC, was slammed by Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn in her opening testimony at a House Oversight and Reauthorization of the FCC.
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

NAB To FCC: Put Biennial Reports On Hold For TV, Radio

Under the FCC's current rules, all commercial and noncommercial radio and TV licensees, as well as attributable interest holders in those licensees, must file ownership reports by Dec. 1 in odd-number years. That means the clock is ticking. However, there's much going on at the Commission, and given "numerous recent proposals" to change the frequency of ownership reporting — among other things — the NAB requests that the biennial ownership reports be suspended.

Could James Sensenbrenner Be Radio’s Sensible Cents-Saver?

A House Member representing Wisconsin's Fifth District could be doing the entire radio industry a big favor as legislation that would establish new royalty fees for the airplay of recorded music makes it way across Capitol Hill. With H.R. 3350, a database of nondramatic musical works and sound recordings would be created in an effort to help identify and compensate the rights holders. Could this be the answer for those opposed to Darrell Issa's efforts?

The Most Frequent FCC Violations, And How To Avoid Them

One of the most frequent inquiries received by RBR+TVBR featured columnist Ken Benner is the following question, “What are the most frequent violations found during the inspections you conduct?” For those who have attended his compliance seminars, a 28-page summary of his program is handed out. It is from one of those booklets that this column is derived.

FCC Ready To Pay Reverse Auction Winning Bids

By way of a Public Notice distributed on Thursday, the FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force and the Media and Wireless Telecommunications Bureaus have identified each station subject to a winning reverse auction bid in the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction for which an incentive payment is ready to be paid.

With Days To Spare, House Sets FCC Oversight Hearing

The House E&C Committee has finally rescheduled its oversight hearing on the FCC — scrubbed in March as it conflicted with the Senate Commerce Committee's oversight hearing. Now, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Michael O'Rielly are set to head to the Rayburn HOB on Tuesday morning for what will likely be a nearly three-hour inquiry.

Five House Members Latch Onto ‘Oldies’ Copyright ‘Fix’

Paging Flo & Eddie: A quintet of Congressional leaders are on your side. With the NAB-backed Local Radio Freedom Act now boasting 206 co-sponsors in the House and 23 in the Senate and little, if any, interest in H.R. 1914 (The PROMOTE Act of 2017) or the better-known "Fair Play Fair Pay Act" (H.R. 1836), a California Republican in the House of Representatives is now taking aim at pre-1972 copyrights.

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