CBS into New Year #1 in primetime, late night and daytime


CBS Number One in Viewers in 14 of First 15 Week’s of the Season

Dave and Craig Pace Late Night

“The Price is Right,” Daytime’s Number One Show and “The Young and the Restless” Keep CBS Daytime on Top

CBS enters 2010 as the number one network in primetime, late night and daytime, according to Nielsen most current ratings through Jan. 3.

With this week’s win in viewers, CBS has now placed first in 14 of the season’s 15 weeks.  The Network is averaging 11.60 million viewers, nearly 2.5 million more than second-place ABC.
For the season, CBS is Number One in viewers on four nights (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).  The Network has five of the top 10 and 12 of top 20 programs.  CBS has the top four scripted programs and seven of the top 10 (NCIS, THE MENTALIST, NCIS: LOS ANGELES, CSI, CRIMINAL MINDS, TWO AND A HALF MEN and THE BIG BANG THEORY).

NCIS is the number one prime program averaging 20.6 million viewers, TWO AND A HALF MEN is the top comedy averaging 14.6 million viewers (THE BIG BANG THEORY is first in adults 18-49), NCIS: LOS ANGELES is the number one new series averaging 16.8 million viewers and THE GOOD WIFE is the number two new series with an average of 13.7 million viewers. 

In late night, LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN leads “The Tonight Show” (4.22m vs. 2.55m) compared to trailing by -20% last year (4.00m vs. 5.03m).  
LATE LATE SHOW with CRAIG FERGUSON has a +39% advantage in viewers over “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (1.95m vs. 1.40m) compared to trailing by
 -4% last year (1.91m vs. 1.98m). 

CBS daytime has been number one for 1,081 of the last 1,083 weeks with and against regular schedules led by THE PRICE IS RIGHT, daytime’s number one program, and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, the top-rated daytime drama for 1,095 consecutive weeks.  THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is also up in all key women demographics versus last season (W18-34, W18-49 and W25-54).
For week 15 in viewers:  CBS (8.26m), FOX (7.34m), ABC (6.43m) and NBC (5.09m).  Season-to-date, CBS is first (11.60m), ahead of ABC (9.12m), FOX (8.70m) and NBC (7.67m). 

For the week in households:  CBS (5.2/09), FOX (4.2/07), ABC (3.8/06) and NBC (3.2/05).  In households, season-to-date, CBS is first (7.2/12), ahead of ABC (5.7/09), FOX (5.2/08) and NBC (4.8/08). 

CBS top programs of the week:  #4 60 MINUTES (14.84m), #6 NCIS (R) (12.87m), #9 TWO AND A HALF MEN (R) (11.09m), #10 CRIMINAL MINDS (R) (11.06m), #12 CSI: NY (R) (10.86m), #16 THE BIG BANG THEORY (R) (9.94m), #17 NCIS – SUNDAY SPECIAL (R) (S) (9.91m), #18 THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORS (S) (9.63m), #19 CSI: MIAMI (R) (9.49m), #24 THE MENTALIST SPECIAL – 12/31 (R) (S) (7.95m), #26 COLD CASE (R) (7.66m), #27 CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION SPECIAL – 12/31 (R) (S) (7.21m), #29 COLD CASE 10PM SPECIAL (R) (S) (6.87m) and #30 48 HOURS MYSTERY (6.50m).

National Nielsen Rank for Demographic: PER2+ for 12/28/2009 – 1/3/2010

         Persons 2+ (000)
1. NBC Sunday Night Football  Bengals vs Jets NBC 16333
2. Allstate Sugar Bowl      Florida vs Cincinnati (S) FOX 15533
3. Desperate Housewives     ABC 15349
4. 60 MINUTES       CBS 14844
5. Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick     NBC 14161
6. NCIS       (R) CBS 12870
7. Rose Bowl-Post Game    (S) ABC 11906
8. The OT       FOX 11514
9. TWO AND A HALF MEN    (R) CBS 11088
10. CRIMINAL MINDS     (R) CBS 11056
11. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-8PM   ABC 10983
12. CSI: NY      (R) CBS 10888
13. Brothers & Sisters      ABC 10781
14. America’s Funniest Home Videos    ABC 10152
15. Football Night America Part 3    NBC 10133
17. NCIS – SUNDAY SPECIAL    (R)(S) CBS 9906
19. CSI: MIAMI      (R) CBS 9486
20. Simpsons       FOX 8552
National Nielsen Rank for Demographic: A25-54 for 12/28/2009 – 1/3/2010

         Adults 25-54 Rating
1. NBC Sunday Night Football  Bengals vs Jets NBC 7.0
2. Desperate Housewives     ABC 6.3
3. Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick     NBC 5.9
4. Allstate Sugar Bowl        Florida vs Cincinnati (S) FOX 5.8
5.  The OT       FOX 4.9
6. Brothers & Sisters      ABC 4.4
7. Football Night America Part 3    NBC 4.3
8. Rose Bowl-Post Game    (S) ABC 4.1
8. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-8PM   ABC 4.1
8. Simpsons       FOX 4.1
11. TWO AND A HALF MEN    (R) CBS 3.9
13. Family Guy       FOX 3.8
13. 60 MINUTES       CBS 3.8
15. NCIS       (R) CBS 3.4
16. CRIMINAL MINDS     (R) CBS 3.3
16. America’s Funniest Home Videos    ABC 3.3
18. New Year’s Rockin Eve ’10    (S) ABC 3.2
18. Cleveland       FOX 3.2
20. CSI: NY      (R) CBS 3.1
20. CSI: MIAMI      (R) CBS 3.1
National Nielsen Rank for Demographic: A18-49 for 12/28/2009 – 1/3/2010

         Adults 18-49 Rating
1. NBC Sunday Night Football  Bengals vs Jets NBC 6.1
2. Desperate Housewives     ABC 5.3
3. Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick     NBC 5.1
3. Allstate Sugar Bowl          Florida vs Cincinnati (S) FOX 5.1
5. The OT       FOX 4.3
6. Family Guy       FOX 4.0
6. Simpsons       FOX 4.0
8. Football Night America Part 3    NBC 3.7
9. Rose Bowl-Post Game    (S) ABC 3.5
9. Brothers & Sisters      ABC 3.5
11. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-8PM   ABC 3.3
11. Cleveland       FOX 3.3
14. American Dad       FOX 2.8
14. TWO AND A HALF MEN    (R) CBS 2.8
16. 60 MINUTES       CBS 2.7
16. New Year’s Rockin Eve ’10    (S) ABC 2.7
16. America’s Funniest Home Videos    ABC 2.7
19. CRIMINAL MINDS     (R) CBS 2.4
19. Allstate Sugar Bowl-Pre     Florida vs Cincinnati (S) FOX 2.4
19. NCIS       (R) CBS 2.4


CBS    11,60m
NBC    7.67m   
ABC    9.12m   
FOX    8.70m

LATE SHOW  4.22m
Tonight Show   2.55m
Nightline   4.00m
Jimmy Kimmel  1.69m

Late Night   1.40m


CBS    3.65m
ABC    2.98m

(source: data and information provided by CBS)

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