Changes Take Effect Now for Nielsen TV Markets


Nielsen1Two changes that affect TV ratings measurement have gone into effect.

Nielsen is dropping diaries in all but the top 25 television markets. The move means demographic data in those markets will be unaccredited.

That’s according to the Media Ratings Council.

As of Dec. 31, demographic data is now based on Nielsen’s Viewer Assignment methodology which will determine who is watching television in the set meter homes.

The change affects the 31 largest television markets which account for most of the TV spot spending.

Nielsen’s 31 set meter/diary markets are accredited by the MRC. Household viewing estimates continue to be based on the set meter and will remain accredited.

The MRC continues reviewing accreditation for the Viewer Assignment process.

The MRC is also evaluating Nielsen’s new electronic metering Code Reader which Nielsen has now introduced to estimate household ratings in 14 previously diary-only TV markets. Nielsen is addressing MRC findings related to the Code Reader.

While much work related to MRC’s examination and evaluation of the Viewer Assignment and Code Reader methodologies have been satisfactorily completed, some important open items and questions remain outstanding,” said MRC CEO/Executive Director George Ivie. The MRC is committed to ending its review of Nielsen’s Viewer Assignment methodology as soon as possible, probably in early 2016, he added.

Any changes to the accreditation status of Nielsen’s services would be communicated publicly, according to the MRC.