Enforcement Bureau Ups Gelb


FCCFCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc intends to name Lisa Gelb as deputy chief and chief of staff of the bureau.

Gelb has held several senior management positions at the FCC, including most recently, deputy bureau chief of the Wireline Competition Bureau, where she focused on competition policy. She also was a deputy city attorney with the City and County of San Francisco, working on telecommunications issues.

Gelb’s knowledge about communications law, particularly in the areas of wireline telephone and broadband, her understanding of the commission, her management experience, and her “good judgment are invaluable in managing the bureau’s workload,” said LeBlanc.

Gelb replaces Daudeline Meme as the Chief of Staff of the bureau, the agency tells RBR+TVBR. Meme is moving to Commissioner Clyburn’s office.

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