Keeping up with regs didn’t click for KLYX


FCCA school district FM station in rural Nevada failed to apply for a license renewal in time and continued operating, turning itself into a de facto pirate FM station.

The station, KLYX-FM, is licensed to Lincoln County School District in Pioche NV, located in the eastern part of the state near its border with Utah.

It’s a Class A on 89.7 MHz. Although it only has 200 Watts of power, it beams them down from a HAAT level of 3,425’. It’s just out of reach of the St. George-Cedar City market, which receives radio ratings from Eastlan.

According to the FCC, the station’s license expired 10/1/13, and necessitated an application for renewal filed at least four months prior, by 6/1/13 if you’re keeping score at home.

The oversight is a little hard to figure – the FCC says the infraction occurred despite frequent outreach from the Commission to rectify the situation.

The fine for unauthorized pirate operation is $10K. As is usually the case with a lapsed license renewal from an established broadcaster, the FCC is more lenient than it would be with an outright spectrum buccaneer – the fine will only be $7K — $4K for the unauthorized operation and $3K for failure to turn in required paperwork.

RBR-TVBR observation: It seems to us that it is more important for a small radio operation to be on top of the rules and regulations than it is for a big time radio station.

There is no station operator alive that wants to pay $7K to be reminded by the FCC about something as basic as maintaining a license.

It must really smart if that amount of money amounts takes a bite out of very limited operating funds. It is really important to make sure that there are at least two or more employees with some awareness of the FCC and how to keep it happy.