KXOS-FM signs El Mandril for morning drive


El MandrilGrupo Radio Centro has tapped the former syndicated/SBS Regional Mexican KLAX-FM LA morning driver for its Spanish Contemporary Exitos 93.9 FM KXOS, which it LMAs from Emmis in that market. El Mandril’s (Ricardo Sanchez) contract with SBS ended 1/13.

El Mandril has been off the air since early November at KLAX because of failed contract negotiations.

Sanchez’s show aired on some 25 non-SBS-owned affiliates. Entravision’s LER Network began syndicating the show for SBS in March 2012 and carried it on its own Tricolor stations. SBS began syndicating and selling El Mandril a year later in March, 2013. Sun Broadcast Group had sold the show from March-August of this year.

Meanwhile, in late November/early December, SBS had placed KLAX afternooner José Antonio Castro’s “El Show de Toño” on KLAX and KRZZ-FM San Francisco—and was in the process of getting five new affiliates beyond Phoenix and Bakersfield, which have already signed.

Sanchez’s manager, Fernando Schiantarelli, tells RBR-TVBR that El Mandril is also now on 39 markets with 39 stations, including San Diego, Denver, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Dallas and soon San Francisco and Chicago. They are self-syndicating. His show is going to be syndicated in big markets in Mexico as well. “He is living the double dream: The Mexican Dream and The American Dream,” says Schiantarelli. “Because he is a very humble guy. He used to be a janitor and had a number of odd jobs to survive. And now he’s airing back in Mexico, from where he started.”

Schiantarelli says by the end of the year El Mandril will be on 80 stations, including those in Mexico.

KXOS-FM ¨Exitos 93.9¨ will change format and name to Regional Mexican,¨Radio Centro 93.9¨ in time for the launch.