KZMG-FM sold to FM Idaho via Boise move-in


DealKZMG-FM, licensed to Melba, ID at 102.7 mHz and owned by Kevin Terry of JLD Media, is being sold to FM Idaho of Boise for $800,000. KZMG recently moved to the main Boise antenna farm at Deer Point. It moved from Elko, NV at 97.5 mHz to Melba at 102.7 mHz @ 85-kW. Hot AC “My 102.7” is playing non-stop music until the deal officially closes.

Said Darrell Calton of FM Idaho: “This station will provide impact with another full market signal. It will be an absolute perfect complement to our top rated flagship stations here in Boise, ID.”

Regional Mexican KINF-FM 100.7, licensed to Gooding, ID and owned by FM Idaho, moved to to Gooding/Twin Falls, ID at 99.1 mHz and is now Talk. It is being sold to local group owner Kim Lee, President of Lee Family Broadcasting, for $300K. The 100.7 frequency is now KPDA (Mountain Home) and stays with Impact (Reg Mexican).

These transactions are, in part, a result of the Rulemaking (MB Docket 06-72), adding new services and making changes to 15 stations in Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. Additional transactions will be announced shortly.

Kevin Terry, owner of JLD Media, was instrumental in the technical aspects to facilitate these deals.

Greg Merrill of Media Services Group was the broker. He tells RBR-TVBR: “This rule making (MB Docket 06-72)  is a good example  of moving stations around in order to provide maximum in market coverage to existing local broadcasters. Both FM Idaho, in Boise and Lee Family Broadcasting in Twin Falls will now have another full-coverage station in their market. This rule making proposal started in 2006.  Kevin Terry was the engineer consultant that worked relentlessly to complete this project.”

Here’s some history from the move:

College Creek Broadcasting, originally purchased KZMG (fka KPHD) in 2004’s Auction 37 for $483,000

In May of 2006, College Creek filed a counter proposal to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in MB Docket 06-72.   which proposed first local service at Boardman, OR.  Instead of a single new allocation at Boardman, College Creek counter-proposed an interrelated series of changes including adding new services and making changes to 15 other stations and allotments in Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington.  One of the key upgrades of the counterproposal was to relocate the KZMG from Elko, NV, to Melba, ID, as a Full Class C FM at the main Boise antenna farm on Deer Point.  College Creek’s filing was prepared by Mark Lipp (legal) and current KZMG owner Kevin Terry (technical), who at the time was employed by College Creek.  A streamlined version of the counter proposal was granted in July 2008.

In order to move KZMG from Elko, NV, to Melba, ID, it required several key changes:
1)  Boise’s heritage Country station KQFC(FM) (Cumulus) was required to change its channel from 97.9 to 102.7.  In 2011, Cumulus and Twin Peaks agreed to file contingent channel change applications allowing KQFC to remain on 97.9 and allow KZMG to take the new 102.7 dial position.
2)  Boise’s heritage Top 40 KSAS-FM Caldwell was required to change its channel from 103.3 to 103.5 which was completed on 10/31/2013
3)  Sun Valley’s longtime AAA station KSKI-FM agreed to change its channel from 103.7 to 94.5 which was completed on 9/30/2013
4)  Jerome, ID (Twin Falls) station KZNO(FM) agreed to change its channel from 102.9 to 103.1which was completed on 11/6/2013
5)  Hazelton, ID (Twin Falls) station KTPZ(FM) agreed to change its channel from 94.3 to 92.7 which was completed on August 4, 2011.  This station was then and now owned by Locally Owned Radio, Inc., which is also owned by the principal of Impact Media Group.
6)  West Yellowstone, MT, station KEZQ(FM) agreed to relocate to Iona, ID (Idaho Falls, ID) as a Class C0 on 93.1.  This change has not yet been implemented.