Listeners the star of WVOX on pre-election day


William O'ShaughnessyOn Monday, 11/4, Whitney Radio President Bill O’Shaughnessy will be airing listeners’ comments on the Tuesday elections all day long on hyper-local talker, WVOX-AM Westchester-NYC. Here’s the promo he’s been running to set the stage for the deluge of calls:

“This is Bill O’Shaughnessy.  Very briefly.  You remember that marvelous Ogden Nash observation:  “They have such refined and delicate palates … they can find no one worthy of their ballots.  And then, when someone terrible gets elected … they say:  There!  That’s just what I expected!”

Election Day comes with the dawning … tomorrow.  You’ve been very generous to listen to all the attacks and encomiums which filled our airwaves in the last several months.  WVOX enjoys your favor, I believe, because – for over 50 years – we’ve tried to resemble more than a jukebox.  I’m reminded that our friend … David Hinckley, the great critic-at-large of the Daily News … once called VOX “a glorious hodgepodge of community programming … much of which even O’Shaughnessy can’t get excited about!”  He really said that.  But what I am excited about is that we have one of the most thoughtful, involved, intelligent and concerned audiences in America.  I’m talking about you!

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