We Have A Winner … In Presidential Spots


It’s all over.

Media Monitors has concluded its special Presidential Spot Ten, and for the 10-day period ending Nov. 6, there was again one clear leader with spots airing in the 61 top DMAs measured.

In the 10 days concluding Sunday, Hillary Clinton For President aired 37,705 broadcast TV spots.

As RBR + TVBR reported yesterday, this makes her campaign the No. 1 overall advertiser on TV last week.

In comparison, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s campaign ran 18,401 spots.

Meanwhile, the iAmerica Action – SEIU COPE Super PACs bought 1,207 spots on behalf of Clinton.

A Super PAC called America Together added 17 spots for Hillary Clinton and the Latino Victory Fund bought 3 spots for the Democratic nominee.

On the flip side, the Great America PAC bought 454 spots for Trump, along with the Republican National Committee, which ran their first spots for their candidate Donald Trump. The total number of RNC spots supporting Trump seen over the 10-day period: 317.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute For Legislative Action aired 28 for Donald Trump.

The Reform Party and a self-created American Delta Party for President of the United States was newly present during the 10 days ending Sunday — Rocky De La Fuente. The little known third-party candidate bought 64 spots during the period.

Totaling up the commercials, some 38,932 spots for Hillary Clinton, 19,200 spots for Donald Trump and 64 spots for Rocky De La Fuente aired in the 10-day period.


Our final report would not be complete without the long list of those who ran spots against candidates.

In the last ten days, Priorities USA Action aired 8,540 spots against Donald Trump.

Future45, with a TV spot with a Hillary impersonator destroying phones and devices and a cartoon depicting scandals aired 4,670 spots against Hillary Clinton.

The 45Committee added 1,638 spots against Hillary Clinton, while the National Rifle Association’s Institute For Legislative Action bought 878 spots with negatives about Clinton.

iAmerica Action – SEIU COPE aired 736 spots against Donald Trump along with the NextGen California Action Committee which played 663 spots with negatives on Donald Trump.

The Super PAC Rebuilding America Now aired 630 spots against Hillary Clinton, while the Great America PAC added 225 spots against the Democratic nominee.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund bought 169 spots against Donald Trump and the LCV (League of Conservative Voters) Victory Fundadded 24 anti-Trump spots.

The Republican Party of San Diego County placed 10 spots against Hillary Clinton.

And finally, the Super PAC Voto Latino ran 2 spots in the last ten days against Donald Trump.


The Totals of Against Spots: there were 10,134 spots aired against Donald Trump. There were 8,051 spots run against Hillary Clinton.

This was the most negative political election cycle in the history of America.

— Dwight Douglas, for RBR + TVBR