“Savage Losing Hannity’s audience”


Sean HannityIn the wake of recent PPM numbers in the top five markets showing Michael Savage is besting Sean Hannity in Adults 25-54, Eric Stanger Vice President, Operations and Affiliate Marketing for The Sean Hannity Show, had his own take on the numbers. Premiere Radio Networks sent this our way:

Says Stanger:

“Savage Losing Hannity’s audience

It’s puzzling that Michael Savage would want to brag about his listening audience. Despite his claims, the numbers show that Savage is losing the audience that he inherited from Sean Hannity in droves, on the radio stations that Sean spent 17 years building.

In New York on WABC-AM as well as on Dallas on WBAP-AM, in the key demo of A25-54, Savage has lost a whopping 49% of the audience that he inherited from Sean Hannity.

Other key markets tell a similar story as you can see below. All in all, Savage has bled away almost half of the audience on the key stations that were given to him in 2014 (In Los Angeles, where Cumulus has decided not to air the Savage Nation, KABC-AM has dropped 27% without Hannity).

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity has more than doubled the total audiences where has started on new stations after leaving Cumulus in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas.


NY   WOR-AM  +108%

LA    KEIB-AM   +172%

DAL  KSKY-AM +128%

(Source: Nielsen Audio, PPM, DEC’13 to FEB’14, Exact Times, AQH, P 12+)

Furthermore, he has added considerable new audience where his show has been upgraded to live clears in Miami, Tampa, Denver, Sacramento, and Birmingham.

In total, The Sean Hannity Show airs on more than 500 radio stations nationwide, with an estimated audience of over 11 million listeners, while the Savage Nation airs on around 200 stations with an estimated audience of less than 3 million.”

RBR-TVBR observation: When a host leaves, their audience usually follows. In Sean’s case, the audience did not follow. Michael’s performance is significant given his short time in the new daypart. In a head-to-head ratings analysis, Savage still beat Hannity from what we can see from the two ratings analyses this week from both companies.

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