Snapchat: Disruptor Or ROI Player?


 iTunespics 048RBR + TVBR Intelligence Brief
ADAM R JACOBSON – Editor-In-Chief

Uh, oh … Just when radio and TV execs thought Snapchat and its parent, Snap Inc., could be strictly thought of as another auxiliary revenue, the Threatometer has surged into the red.

Yes, friends. Snapchat is coming after your ad dollars.

But, perhaps radio shouldn’t sorry as much as TV. In fact, that’s a mantra that the entire radio industry should have adopted a decade ago. As an audio accompaniment to the generally mindless time-wasting features that have become the advertising industry’s darlings du jour, radio has a great argument for becoming the “2” in that 1-2 punch advertisers can get when engaging with Snap’s sales and advertising team.

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