NY, L.A. Driving FCC Forward Auction



With $12.61 billion raised through Round 9 of the FCC Forward Auction, an analysis by RBR + TVBR has found that—to little surprise—the richest bidding is being seen for valuable spectrum in the New York and Los Angeles markets. 

At 10am today, when Round 10 commenced, one chunk of spectrum in New York will see bids open at $209.43 million.

Bidding for this slice of spectrum opened at $135 million.

The second-hottest piece of spectrum is in Los Angeles, where Round 10 bidding will open at $155.14 million.

Bidding began in Round One for this particular piece of spectrum at $100 million.

These are the lone two pieces of spectrum valued at more than $100 million.

The third most in-demand slice of spectrum, by dollars, is in Chicago. As Round 10 begins, the asking price will start at $76.79 million. Bidding in Round 1 started at $49.5 million.

Meanwhile, a piece of spectrum in San Francisco that saw Round 1 bidding start at $47.5 million will open Round 10 with a bid price of $73.69 million.

Other in-demand markets include the Baltimore-Washington area, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas and Miami.

In contrast, Portland, Ore., isn’t so hot with wireless communications companies—likely because the need to fill spectrum in the well-wired metropolis isn’t as large as other metropolitan areas.

Round 10 for spectrum in the market will see bids open at $16.75 million. Round 1 bidding saw an entry bid price of $12.5 million.

Where’s the least demand for spectrum?

American Samoa—along with Floydada, Texas; Aliceville, Ala.; Martin, SD; Wahpeton, SD; Barnwell, SC; and Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Through Round 10, bidding for spectrum in these markets stands at $6,000, respectively.

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Adam R Jacobson is a veteran radio industry journalist and advertising industry analyst with general, multicultural and Hispanic market expertise. From 1996 to 2006 he served as an editor at Radio & Records.