Sponsorship to Rise to Reach Millennials


TabletsStreaming video viewing continues to gain over live television, at least in the UK. Ofcom research shows traditional live viewing has dropped by a quarter among 16 to 24-year-olds.

Of the video and television content viewed by millennials, just one-third is live, reports MediaPost.

Millennials are driving up viewing for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu; they watch some 36% of their television content on an actual TV set, compared to 83% for those age 65 and up.

That means millennials in the UK watch 20% of their content using paid, on-demand services, 13% to free on-demand content and 14% watching video clips on services like YouTube, reports MediaPost.

However millennials have not totally abandoned the TV set, but rather they are supplementing that viewing with watching a program on a device with a smaller screen, depending on the setting and other factors. The programs they’re watching on-demand don’t have advertising breaks so the impact on advertising to millennials means companies need to consider product placement within programs and show sponsorship, according to the report.

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