Linking Online and Offline Media Consumers: Radio’s Revenue Win


How can AI “supercharge” a radio station advertisers’ return on investment?

That question, among others, was answered by two top executives at Veritone today during the first in a series of exclusive webinars hosted by Streamline Publishing publications Radio INK and RBR + TVBR.

With Radio INK Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan interviewing Veritone President Ryan Steelberg and SVP Drew Hilles, participants were presented with a variety of ways the use of artificial intelligence can bring new revenue opportunities to radio stations.

Hilles says tapping in to the programming side of the station can uncover both topics and trends that can lead to monetization. “Everything is transcribed and categorized,” he says.  “You may want to collect interesting morning show bits and repurpose them out, and pull out key words from a broadcast and use them in real time.”

He adds that native advertising can also be monitored in real time, while radio stations have a new ability to accurately track and identify spots.

“We’ve never had that immediacy before, and we think that can help us in an online world,” Hilles says. “A station will be able to develop campaign analytics, and quantify over-delivery in real-time.”

He adds that the use of AI, such as that offered by Veritone, can affect the outcome of spot campaigns.

Steelberg believes radio stations now have the ability of “driving eyeballs as they are traveling from offline to online.”

This could mean more digital dollars for radio. Says Hilles, “Radio is driving online behavior. Synching them together can empower radio’s advertisers.”

The near real-time abilities that come from AI were discussed throughout the webinar.

In one example, a client that bought a set amount of commercials can now quantify over-delivery, and how extra promos running on a station can be accurately credited for driving sales.

“Now you can take credit for that, as it has been difficult in the past,” Hilles says.



The next webinar in this series will be presented by Radio + Television Business Report and moderated by Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson. Details regarding the time and date and registration information are forthcoming.