WFOT, Hattiesburg to Change Hands


SoldCCBL, which stands for Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, and iHeartMedia + Entertainment are selling a Mississippi AM. WFOT is licensed to Hattiesburg, in the southeast portion of the state, some 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

Eagle Broadcasting of Hattiesburg, Mississippi is the buyer. Jill Hebert Pol owns 81% of the company and Timothy Lee owns 19%. The company also owns WMXI(FM), Laurel, Mississippi.

The price is $120,000 in immediately available funds at closing.

The station is off the air; the transmitter building and all of the equipment were destroyed in a fire in January, according to FCC filings. iHeart just asked the commission to extend the silent STA last week, saying it continues to review options to bring the station back on the air.

“Oldies 1400” normally runs 1 kW day/1 kW night from a single tower and operates on 1400 kHz.