What Better Data Means for Political Ad Sales


Tony-HereauRadio stations of all kinds can sell more ads to political campaigns and candidates if they have the right, targeted information.

In an interview, Nielsen agrees with experts who say radio doesn’t get its fair share of political ad dollars and suggests ways to combat that.

Many flavors of spoken word formats can effectively reach engaged voters, Nielsen Audio tells us.

For the first time, Nielsen combined its Portable People Meter data with Experian Political Voting Behavior to learn which radio formats resonate with specific voter segments — Democrats, Republicans, Independents and unregistered. The study looked at listening and voting behavior of 70,000 panelists age 18+.

“This is clearly an opportunity to make money with political advertisers,” Tony Hereau, Nielsen vice president of Audience Insights tells RBR+TVBR in an interview. “Having more granular data to pull from gives them that ability.”

Radio doesn’t get its fair share of political ad revenue, experts say and Hereau agrees. “TV usually gets the lion’s share.” The matching data sets used in the study exist for television now but are new to radio, he tells us.

“Granularity is key to political advertisers. They’re looking for a strategic edge.”

Using this data, stations and potential advertisers can match up this data with listening behavior.

They noticed market differences in the results. “We want to start the conversation. We think the more radio people have this data … will ultimately lead to more political ad revenue for radio.”

Read the results by format here:



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