Why 2016 is ‘Pivotal’ for Nielsen TV Measurement


Nielsen1TV remains a mainstay as the primary screen for viewing long-form video content. However, connected devices, spurred by streaming video, have seen a nearly 20% year-over-year increase in digital video growth among U.S. adults. Nielsen executives speaking at an investor conference this week discussed how the company is handling increasing fragmentation of the TV audience with the Total Audience project.

EVP of global Watch product leadership, Megan Clarken said the company increased its television measurement panel from 50,000 to 100,000 people. Nielsen has also replaced “many diary markets” with its television PPM, she said.

Nielsen also struck a deal with Dish “where we’ll introduce our data” to ensure the measurement data “is the best it can be.”

Discussions are underway with clients and others about how to adjust for dynamic content and what should be considered new ratings currency for television viewing beyond the C3 and C7 time-frame. This year is “pivotal to getting agreement on that between buyers and sellers,” according to Clarken.

“It’s about simplicity…that it’s one measurement for linear content and another measurement for dynamic content. Settling on that one number is what we’re focused on to be able to provide a single metric for a guarantee.”