Need A Quick Radio Remote? Check This Out


Here’s a scenario that could involve your radio station’s staff: The team arrives, walks into a remote site carrying all of the gear they need in one hand, and within minutes immediately begins sending back broadcast-quality audio.

That’s what possible through the use of SignalCaster, a new remote broadcasting product from TuneTracker Systems.

“Our hope in releasing SignalCaster is to change the ‘dreaded remote’ into something so easy that broadcasters will actually look forward to doing them,” notes Dane Scott, the designer behind the SignalCaster.

The “transmitter” is SignalCaster Mobile, which runs on an iPad and sends audio over any WiFi or cellular data connection.

SignalCaster Tower, which acts as the “receiver,” runs on a Windows-based computer back at the radio station. It is left in standby mode, waiting for a connection.

To begin broadcasting on-location, the announcer launches SignalCaster Mobile and taps the Start button.

Back at the station, SignalCaster Tower begins receiving the audio signal; it’s immediately available to be broadcast through a control console or a radio automation input.

While SignalCaster can use the iPad’s built-in microphone, the system is also offered in two different hardware bundles that give broadcasters the flexibility to use SignalCaster with professional mics and equipment.

“SignalCaster Solo” comes with a broadcast-quality desk microphone, adapter, non-skid iPad kickstand, and a small, heavy-duty carrying case with padded compartments to hold everything, including the iPad itself. Solo is designed for single-announcer remotes. The desk mic’s tripod stand collapses to allow it to be hand-held during interviews.

“SignalCaster Duet” offers a dual-input mixer with monitoring, making it a good choice for sports broadcasts where two headset mics are commonly used. Its twin mic inputs are also good for other combinations, like a headset mic for the announcer and a desk mic for guests, or two handhelds. Either mixer input can also be fed balanced line audio from an external source such as a PA system. The Duet package also comes with a small, heavy-duty padded carrying case that will hold mixer, iPad, and other items.



TuneTracker Systems was founded in 2001 and its product lines includes the TuneTracker Radio Automation System, and  SignalCaster remote broadcast software.