LeadsRx Partners Up With WideOrbit


LeadsRx says it is further strengthening its marketing attribution SaaS platform for marketers by partnering with WideOrbit, the provider of ad management technology for media companies and broadcasters.

“LeadsRx customers will benefit from the automated and accurate delivery of broadcast advertising data, while WideOrbit customers will be able to tap into impartial multi-touch attribution capabilities across multiple advertising channels,” the companies say.

The pact allows marketers to incorporate broadcast advertising into cross-channel attribution models to see how all mediums contribute to customer acquisition. Such models aid marketers in identifying high-valued campaigns and potentially wasted ad-spend in order to optimize spend allocation and maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), the companies note.

“With an API connection to WideOrbit’s technology, LeadsRx solves a major problem by making broadcast data easily available without the need for searching, manual uploads, or formatting special files,” the companies say. “Necessary spot data can now be made available to advertisers automatically, updated daily. This is critically important because broadcast advertising spot inventory is limited, and there is often a competitive race between advertisers vying for the same target audience.”

The LeadsRx and WideOrbit partnership helps advertisers quickly identify the best advertising dayparts, days, and other attributes, giving them a competitive edge in obtaining their preferred spots, they add.

WideOrbit has a variety of TV and radio advertising solutions and clients, across multiple channels, including WO TrafficWO NetworkWO DigitalWO Streaming, and WO On Demand. This partnership broadens the cross-channel scope of LeadsRx marketing attribution software by easily bringing in data from broadcast sources around the world. In addition, it strengthens LeadsRx capabilities in the area of segmentation analysis, A/B testing of broadcast creatives, return-on-ad-spend analysis, and lift reporting, the companies note.

“Our partnership with LeadsRx adds an important piece of the puzzle for WideOrbit customers,” said Tim Swift, WideOrbit COO and acting VP, Integrations. “In addition to helping improve mid-campaign performance analysis and optimization, the ability to give TV advertising appropriate attribution for driving customer acquisition across channels is potentially game-changing for broadcasters, allowing them to better demonstrate value to advertisers and drive new demand.”