“100.9 The Legend” launches in Jackson, MS


WJXNNew South Radio’s Variety Hits “100.9 Jack-FM” WJXN-FM Jackson, MS has flipped 3.3 to Classic Country “100.9 The Legend.” This, after a weekend of stunting. The new format adds to New South sister Country WUSJ-FM in that market and makes a strong combo against CCME’s Country WMSI-FM. WJXN is owned by Flinn Broadcasting and LMA’d by New South.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this station. I usually hate listening to the radio because that new music gives me a headache but I can finally have a reason to turn the radio on. I have this station constantly playing. I love listening to the good stuff! The country stations aside from this one sucks. Thank y’all very much!:)

  2. I personally thinks it sucks that they have done this. JackFM was one of the few decent stations in this area and this is the second time they have pulled them off the air. There were other stations/frequencies they could have used

    • I agree jack was the best station in jackson! Now it’s gone again!!!!
      Why replace this station??? We want Jack back!!!

  3. Finally, real country music. Not the assembly line, cookie cutter, crap with lyrics that sound like they were written by 10 year olds, for 10 year olds. Ive actually heard Ricky Van Shelton, Patty Loveless, Don Williams, T.G. Shepard and other real singers. It’s great! The other pop country station can keep playing those ear ringed and idol “superstars”, and leave the real music to you. Thanks.

  4. Finally!!! I travel alot, and it seems like everywhere else had a classic country radio station. It is awesome! But, it seems that you guys only play 70s – 90s country, Hank Williams Sr., Lefty Frizzel, Faron Young, etc. would be good to listen too as well. But anyway, love the station! Thank You!!!

  5. I do hate that Jack was taken off the air because it was a good station for good variety of rock/pop/r & b. But I do have to give kudos to this new station format. It is great that there is a new station that plays the old country or as I like to call it “true” country. There is only a handful of the newer country that can really be called country anymore. This is great.

  6. More Country? Really… More Country… I travel 6 hours between Ruston and Home and the only station I could pickup between the home Rock station and Monroe’s Rock station that wasn’t Rap, Country, or Gospel was JackFM. JackFM was one of my favorite radio stations, my dad and I had been talking just Saturday night about how when going to/from LaTech I always enjoyed tuning in to JackFM… A terrible loss in my opinion.

  7. Love this station I was heard a song around 2 in the afternoon but I don’t know what the name of the song is can u help it was a female singer and she was sing about changes in her life and her mom told here that with time it well be ok and at the end her moms dieting and her mom tells her with time she well be ok please help me figure this song out

  8. Absolutely love this station. So glad someone finally brought back good ole country music the way it was meant to be. My new go to station for great music now! 🙂

  9. I just can’t believe that Jack FM is gone AGAIN! Does this area really need another country station? I LIKE Country music, but I love Rock n Roll and the music Jack played. It’s always something here. I still can remember when ZZQ died and became country.

    Bring Jack Back!

  10. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have always wanted a classic country station here in Jackson. Love the old classics!!

  11. U know I still miss jack fm. they came back once, they can come back again!! We still love u Jack!!! Please come back on another FM station!! I love the Legend but I love y’all too!!!!! Please come back!!!!!!!

  12. I can finally say goodbye to XM radio since Jackson has a radio that plays country legend music. Hate Jack FM left, but my preference is legend country. The new Hollywood Nashville needs to revamp their Hip Hop wanna be music and produce real country music. Now Jackson needs a station that plays old rock such as Metallic, Guns n Roses, and Motley Crue. When that happens music for me will be complete.

  13. I am loving this station!! When I first heard it, I said.. It’s about time! There is everything in Jackson to cater to all kinds of music except for Country Legends. Thanks for bringing country back! 🙂

  14. The only way your station could be better if you included some 50’s and 60’s country, like Hank, Sr, Faron, Jim Reeves, Marty Robins, etc. Thanks

  15. Love this station! Reminds me of back when I was a young teen dancing around the kitchen with one of my Mom’s big metal spoon singing into it as if it was a Mic with the radio loud and my parents yelling in the background ” YOUNG LADY YOU BETTER TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN AND GET THEM DISHES WASHED!” (R.I.P MOM &POP love and miss you). Thank you 100.9 the LEGEND for bring the the memories. : ) ★★★★★

  16. I don’t know if my comment will ever be read by the DJ but, I absolutely love this station!
    My brother loves it and now I’ve got my Dad hooked on it!
    One little problem though…. I know you cant please everyone but I don’t like hearing Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney & Tody Keiths music on this station cause I get excited waiting on what’s going to play next and then I get bummed cause its a newer song that I hear EVERYDAY on other stations. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  17. This is a great station.Just wish it had alittle stronger signal in the Rez.and Sandhill,ms area.I hate to call the station the legend because it is the music I grew up and makes me feel old.Keep the good old country singers alive Thanks.

  18. I just love this station. I have Sirius radio in my car and truck, life time subscriber, and I never listen to it anymore. The only time I do listen to it, is when I am out of your range. I suppose the younger people may not like it as much as us older folks. They like the CONPOP music, country pop, it is not real country. I do not have to listen to T.S. And all that screaming stuff. Keep up the great music.

  19. Only thing station needs is to give listeners reason to listen like 96.3 does with cash pot. Lot better music.

  20. I despise country music of any kind. WHY do you keep pulling Jack off the air when it is a reliable mix of all kinds of good stuff? What a shock to find stinkin’ country where Jack used to be.

    Do us all a favor, when you put Jack back on the air someplace else, LEAVE IT THERE. It sucks to have to go hunting around for your favorite stations every few months. Your company needs to be a lot more stable or you look like a bunch of bozos.

  21. Just wanted to say its about time somebody has decided to play some good country music. Y’all keep it up. We love it.

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