107.7 The End debuts “2 Minute Promise”


107_7Entercom’s Alternative 107.7 The End Seattle announced an unconventional move to redefine how it presents radio to its listeners and its advertisers. Re-imagining the radio experience entirely, The End has unveiled the “2 Minute Promise.” The End will not only play half the commercials compared to other radio stations in Seattle, but will also play the most music of any station in the market.

“Since its inception, The End has been a leader in new music discovery and a radio innovator. The time has come for a radio station to make a stand for our listeners and our advertisers,” said Garett Michaels, Program Director of 107.7 The End. “The End’s ‘2 Minute Promise’ gives our listeners exactly what they’ve asked for, more music with fewer breaks, and is a groundbreaking new way to showcase our advertisers with less clutter and more music.”

Jack Hutchison, VP/GM, said, “We are proud to be the first station in the United States to offer this bold, innovative approach to radio. We know our listeners will be more than excited about this change and we are just as excited we can provide our clients an incredibly unique platform to showcase their message to our End listeners.”

RBR-TVBR observation: When it comes to music listening, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. This, to us, represents a move toward something we think would be good for radio—emulating Pandora. Music radio stations should try and offer more of what Pandora does in the variety and depth of music it plays, with one short spot between a song, no more. This move by 107.7 The End seems to be moving things in that direction. Listeners are so used to not being bombarded by spots while listening to Pandora that they often view radio as their second listening option. Pandora plays plenty of spots—just not in clusters or stop sets.  Changing the way you schedule your spots to seem more like the Pandora listening experience can help change that mindset.


  1. What a steaming pile! They just traded one type of commercial for another. There own unending and repetitive THE END commercials MORE than make up for the “2 min of commercials” they say they don’t play.

    What a joke! More commercials than ever!

    Hard to listen to 🙁

  2. Rick, it reminds me of how so many cable programs stretch a half-hour show into an hour by running the same tune-in ads for their other shows every break, and then repeat all of the scenes you’ve already seen in the show before moving on to the next chapter…annoying to say the least.

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