1,270+ Mile KRNQ Studio Move Possible If…


SoldDavid Lister and Withers Broadcasting Company intend to sell an Iowa FM, if the FCC approves the transaction.

Up for sale is KRNQ, Keokuk, Iowa. Keokuk is at the extreme southern end of the state, sandwiched between Missouri and Illinois.

The buyer, Educational Media Foundation, EMF intends to apply to operate KRNQ to non-commercial educational status.

Class C2 KRNQ has an ERP of 19,000 watts @ 804’ HAAT and operates on 96.3 MHz.

Withers provided programming and sales management service to KRNQ under a Time Brokerage Agreement signed in 1999 by W. Russell Withers, Jr. and Lister; Withers passed away a year ago this month. The agreement was amended between Lister and Russell’s daughter Dana Withers in 2015.

The price is $500,000 cash or wire transfer at closing, minus a $25,000 deposit that was to be placed in escrow. EMF will also receive a $30,000 credit for transmitter site repairs. That brings the balance of $445,000 to be paid at closing.

EMF has asked the commission to approve a waiver of its main studio rule so EMF can move KRNQ’s main studio from Keokuk, Iowa to the main studio of EMF’s co-owned station KGCL (NCE-FM), Jordan Valley, Oregon. The move would be 1,277.3 miles outside of KRNQ’s 3.16 mV/m contour. EMF wants to operate KRNQ as a “satellite” station of KGCL and as part of the “Radio Nueva Vida Radio Network.”

Co-location will help EMF realize valuable economies of scale and cost savings. As a listener-supported station, KRNQ(FM) will face severe financial constraints. The obligation to maintain separate staffing and studio locations for both KRNQ(FM) and KGCL will place a serious financial burden on EMF and divert what limited resources are available from Radio Nueva Vida’s programming efforts, the broadcaster tells the commission.

To ensure that KRNQ(FM) fulfills its local service obligations to Keokuk, Iowa, residents, EMF will have a local public affairs representative, who may be a volunteer, available in Keokuk. This local representative will conduct interviews and survey local community leaders and other residents to ascertain Keokuk interests, concerns, and listener needs and address those in Radio Nueva Vida’s news and public affairs programming.

EMF’s local representative will also serve as a liaison between Keokuk residents and EMF’s programming personnel.