14 AM apps hit the skids


The FCC did not receive necessary paperwork for 14 singleton AM Auction 84 applications by the 9/26/07 deadline, and therefore has summarily dismissed them. In the off chance your engineering department has an interest in the now unclaimed frequencies, the dismissed applications include: 920 kHz Ensley FL; 540 kHz Hilo HI; 920 kHz Millilani HI; 1600 kHz Hibbing MN; 1400 kHz Spring Creek NV; 1490 kHz Flora Vista NM; 1400 kHz Los Lunas NM; 1380 kHz Bridgeton NC; 720 kHz Lakeview OR; 1450 kHz Powell Butte OR; 1390 kHz Morrisville PA; 810 kHz Nolensville TN; 1270 kHz Bay City TX; and 1240 kHz Carrollton TX.