2009 ad effectiveness, spending trends


In advance of the Advertising Week in NYC, The Nielsen Company  prepared a fact sheet to provide a high-level snapshot of ad spend and effectiveness trends. $117B was spent on all U.S. advertising in 2009. 57% of all ad spend in 2009 went into Television, making it the largest medium for advertisers. Print earned approximately 28% of ad dollars, while Internet earned 7% of all ad dollars.

The top spending product category for national TV was Automotive with $3.4B spent in 2009. The most significant growth by any one category among the top 20 was mobile phones, with national TV spend growing almost 200% to $587M in 2009.

Ad dollars spent in primetime in national television account for about 50% of total TV ad dollars. The 30-second commercial remains the television advertising standard in primetime, accounting for 54% of all commercials (2009). However, the number of 30-second commercials has decreased 5% in primetime, while the number of 15-second commercials has increased 6%. We’ll have more from this report as Advertising Week rolls out.