2012 national party conventions shaping up


We already know the when and the where of the Republican 2012 national convention. They are a long way, however, from determining the who. Democrats have made the when known as well, and we’re pretty sure we know the who, and now the Party has narrowed down the where to four locations.

Candidates to head the national ticket for the Republican Party have been jockeying for position almost since the last vote was cast in November of 2008. The answer to the question as to which of the many possibilities will prevail is a long ways – and many campaign advertising dollars – into the future. However, we know that loyal Republicans from all states and territories will convene in Tampa FL during the week of 8/27/12 to make the candidate selection official.

Democrats will convene during the week of 9/3/12, almost certainly to place President Barack Obama at the top of the ticket one more time. We don’t know where this event will take place, but Democratic National Committee Chair Tim Kaine has announced four cities that remain in the running to host the convention. They are Charlotte NC; Cleveland OH; Minneapolis MN; and St. Louis MO.