BCCA Puts Final Plan In Action For Media Credit Seminar


BCCA, the media industry’s credit association, and National Media Credit Professionals (NMCP), will hold its 2018 Media Credit Seminar on Thursday, October 25, at the offices of Lowenstein Sandler LLP in Midtown Manhattan.

The full-day seminar focuses on important credit-related issues for media credit professionals, including those serving its television, radio, cable, out-of-home, interactive and digital media segments.

Details on the seminar’s sessions and expert presenters will be released soon.

In addition to the formal sessions, the event serves as an opportunity for media credit professionals and executives from across the country to come together to share ideas and best practices for the ever-changing media credit and collections function.

“BCCA’s annual Media Credit Seminar in New York serves as an industry-specific resource for ensuring media credit professionals are ready to address upcoming challenges and opportunities to improve the financial performance of their businesses,” said Mary M. Collins, President/CEO of BCCA and MFM, the Media Financial Management Association.

Following the formal presentations, the seminar will close with a roundtable session moderated by Dee Stevenson, Credit & Collections Manager for Gray Television, and Linda Powell, Director of Credit & Collections for Altice Media Solutions.

More information about the BCCA Media Credit Seminar may be found online at: https://www.mediafinance.org/media-credit-seminar-ny.