The Podcast Evolution: Center Stage At 2018 Radio Show


By Summer Jarro
Special to RBR-TVBR

In recent years, podcasts have grown more and more popular.

The 2018 Radio Show will discuss the evolution and increased popularity of podcasts in a session titled “The Podcast Boom.”

The 2018 Radio Show is a show that brings radio broadcasters and others in the industry together to share knowledge about radio, broadcasting and podcasts, discover and explore new digital innovations, and network with other professionals, according to a National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) news release.

This year the show is from Sept. 25 to 28 in Orlando. The 2018 Radio Show is being produced by Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and NAB.

“The Podcast Boom” session will be held on Sept. 26 and will bring famous podcasters and other audio professionals together to discuss the relationship between podcasts and radio.

The session will include a panel discussion led by Norm Pattiz, chairman and CEO of PodcastOne.

Other panelists include:

  • Darren Davis, who is the president of iHeart Media Networks Group;
  • Mario Lopez, who is a television and radio personality and host working for programs like “The Three Knockdown Rule” boxing podcast, the radio program “On with Mario Lopez” and the “EXTRA” television program;
  • Suzanne Grimes, who is the president of Westwood One and executive vice president of marketing for Cumulus Media;
  • and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who is the host of the “Off the Vine,” which is a weekly podcast.