21st Century Fox CDIs suspended on the Australian exchange


21st Century Fox21st Century Fox announced trading of its CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has been suspended in connection with the company’s process of delisting from the ASX. It is expected that 21st Century Fox will be removed from the official list of the ASX at the close of trading on 5/8 Sydney, Australia time.

Starting 5/9, each registered CDI holder as of the Delisting Date can elect to have the underlying shares of Common Stock sold on NASDAQ through a Company-appointed broker under a share sale facility, with sale proceeds to be converted into and paid in Australian dollars. The Voluntary Share Sale Facility will remain open until 7/9/14.

On or before 5/14/14, personalized Voluntary Sale Instruction Forms for participation in the Voluntary Share Sale Facility and Register Removal Request Forms for CDI conversions into underlying Common Stock will be mailed to registered CDI holders as of the Delisting Date. Non-personalized forms may be accessed at www.computershare.com/au/forms starting 5/9.

Following the Delisting Date, all of 21st Century Fox’s Class A and Class B Common Stock will be listed solely on NASDAQ. As previously announced, there will be no changes to the Company’s operations, employees or business as a result of the delisting from ASX.