The All-Software Migration Continues With ChryonHego


As broadcasters continue to migrate to all-software environments and standard off-the-shelf IT technologies, including virtualized server environments, ChryronHego is ensuring its array of products meets the growing demand of TV industry engineers.

CH-logo-smLaunched in 2016 is ChyronHego’s CAMIO Universe, and the company will be putting the spotlight on the latest products in this segment of its business at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas at the end of April.

Among the products getting attention is the newest version of LyricX, a broadcast graphics creation and playout solution; the Prime Graphics Ecosystem; Metacast weather graphics; and ChyronHego’s solutions for augmented graphics and virtual sets — all under the control of playout automation.

Building on the acquisition of Click Effects in 2016, ChyronHego will also showcase solutions for arena production and in-venue experience technology, all in a software-based, unified workflow running in a standard IT infrastructure.

ChyronHego’s CAMIO Universe is a software-based newsroom production ecosystem that enables a producer-driven approach to news content creation and playout. At the 2017 NAB Show, ChyronHego will introduce an improved template-creation workflow and the ability to run the solutions inside a virtualized IT server environment for reduced total cost of ownership and the ability to perform on-demand scaling.

In addition, as part of its CAMIO Universe presentation, ChyronHego will highlight the release of the new web edition of the LUCI interface and new features for Axis World Graphics, the company’s hosted graphics-creation solution. Improvements to Axis World Graphics include a local order-delivery feature and the debut of a new Axis Maps user interface.

ChyronHego will also introduce PRIME 2.5, a high-performance update of the company’s PRIME Graphics Ecosystem.

PRIME 2.5 is a resolution-agnostic, software-based solution that leverages advanced 64-bit GPU- and CPU-based technologies.

Also at the 2017 NAB Show, ChyronHego will unveil version 5 of NewsTicker, used for ticker displays.