Here’s Something Designed To Fix IP STL Glitches


 Barix, considered a pioneer in the IP audio and control technology field, has introduced Redundix, a new tool for radio broadcasters that automatically corrects glitches over IP STL connections that affect on-air signal quality.

Barix revealed its next-generation Barix Audio over IP solution at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Redunix, says Barix, adds resilience to IP-based transport by either time-delaying two streams on the same network, and/or sending a redundant stream over a separate path.

On the receiving side, Redundix repairs lost packets in the stream caused by transport network imperfections using the time or path redundant streams. The result? Improved audio quality, as lost packets are repaired, and audible imperfections are significantly reduced.

Redundix also allows broadcasters to continue using their existing codecs in most cases, protecting investments and reducing initial capital expensive.

The cost-efficient Redundix hardware, which sits between the encoding and decoding device, can be purchased outright or rented along with a secure streaming service for a nominal monthly fee.

The Redundix hardware is interoperable with any codec that supports RTP streams, ensuring broadcasters have an abundance of installation options.

Barix supplies simple and reliable solutions and components to systems integrators and end users worldwide.