Pebble Beach Marina Gets Upgrade


Automation, content management and integrated channel specialist Pebble Beach Systems has further optimized its Marina playout system to ease the migration from legacy and aging EOL systems such as ADC, Omnibus, and Sundance automation systems.

In addition to Marina’s library of migration tools, support has now been added for ADC v12 playlists.

“The company has successfully helped scores of customers worldwide transition from legacy and EOL systems to its state of the art Marina playout solution,” the U.K.-based Pebble Beach notes. “Central to this success is Pebble’s managed approach and a plugin framework that ensures a seamless transition from legacy broadcast automation systems to the powerful Marina automation system without stress, compromise, and the need for a hard cut-over date. With Marina, the ability to create a hybrid, synchronized playout chain with any combination of hardware and software gives broadcasters and multi-channel originators ultimate flexibility to transition any part of that playout chain at a pace to suit their scheduling and operational requirements.”

As legacy automation systems reach end-of-life, organizations want to take advantage of the flexibility and power of modern, centralized, software-based automation systems. However, many are concerned about migrating years of accumulated data from their legacy system database to a new automation system.

“For any business, having a hard cut over to an entirely new system comes with considerable risk,” Pebble Beach says. “Are all staff adequately trained? Is it really necessary to change every component at once? Can we preserve our existing investment in channel technology? Is there a path to virtualization and the cloud?”

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