Standard Metadata Deal For Radio, OEMs Sought


Radio stations and automotive manufacturers are globally agreeing to collaborate on a common agreement on how radio stations’ content should be presented in the auto dashboard.

That’s the news from RadioDNS, the not-for-profit membership organization that promotes hybrid radio globally and creates open technical standards for using IP (Internet Protocol) technology alongside broadcast radio (FM, DAB, HD).

The RadioDNS Hybrid Radio enables metadata and content to flow from radio stations to cars using the internet.

Now, RadioDNS is consulting with radio stations and automotive manufacturers on a global level to create a common agreement on how radio stations’ content should be presented in the dashboard.

The draft agreement is available here, and consultation closes on April 12.

The Standard Terms of Use is a template agreement for radio stations and automotive manufacturers which avoids the need to explicitly sign contractual agreements. The proposed terms were drawn up after discussions with broadcaster and auto manufacturer members of RadioDNS, and informed by the success of the Creative Commons licensing model, which allows content creators to distribute their content widely, but still retain control on how it’s used and shown.

The ambition is for the majority of radio stations and automotive manufacturers to agree to the standard terms, making it easier to create a large network of content without significant legal and paperwork costs. Automotive manufacturers are keen to use the content that radio stations can provide, but want to understand clearly what radio stations consider acceptable use. The standard terms aim to provide that clarity for both sides, and for radio stations to retain control of how content is used.

David Layer, chair of the RadioDNS Steering Board, said, “The hybrid radio services
enabled by RadioDNS are helping to greatly improve radio broadcasting services
and content. These Terms of Service will help to accelerate the rollout of hybrid

RadioDNS Project Director Nick Piggott added, “We want radio stations to use the
consultation period to tell us if they could offer their content to automotive
manufacturers under these proposed terms, and if not, why not. We’ll use that
feedback to modify the proposed terms so that as many radio stations as possible
can adopt them.”

The consultation document can be found on the RadioDNS website at and responses must be received by
12th April 2019. RadioDNS will publish an update after reviewing the responses.