24/7 Comedy Radio adds KFNY


24/7 Comedy Radio, radio’s first short-attention-span all-comedy format debuts live on Clear Channel’s KFNY 1440 in Riverside, CA 9/27.  Modeled on the winning Top-40 radio formula, the PPM-friendly, FCC-compliant format attracts listeners from a wide spectrum of demographics and lifestyles using short comedy bits and live comedic hosts.  

“I’m a fan of stand-up comedy on the radio,” said Jon Zellner, Senior Vice President, Programming, Clear Channel. “We’ve seen the format work for satellite radio, and it’s a no-brainer for terrestrial stations looking to differentiate themselves from everything else on today’s broadcast spectrum.

“24/7 Comedy Radio is fast-paced, hit-oriented, and has mass appeal, with continuous stand-up comedy from comedians like Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Jeff Foxworthy, along with the newest comedians targeting a young adult audience,” Zellner continued.  “24/7 Comedy Radio is unique, compelling, and a fresh alternative to current choices in any given market.”

“On AM radio you have to find a niche — something special that no one else is doing — and with a high probability for success,” observed Bob Ridzak, Vice President, Market Manager, Clear Channel Radio, Riverside.  “24/7 Comedy Radio is something no one else is doing in Riverside, and everyone loves to laugh. Laughing is healthy, and in today’s current environment it provides an outlet — a listener’s special place.”