24/7 Real Media & Petry Media partner


24/7 Real Media, a global digital marketing company, and Petry Media announced a partnership where 24/7 will be the technological backbone for Digerati iSales and a partner in expanding the reach and value of Digerati’s network of 300+ television station websites. The Digerati iSales sites will be utilizing Open AdStream, 24/7 Real Media’s ad serving and campaign management platform, for the targeting and delivery of ads to its network of web sites.

In addition, the Digerati iSales TV station web site properties will be marketed through 24/7 Real Media’s Global Web Alliance, a network of over 1,200 sites serving advertising impressions in countries around the world. Combining Digerati’s network, of over 12 million monthly unique users, with 24/7 Real Media’s 85 million monthly unique users, the Global Web Alliance will offer advertisers the ability to reach targeted digital audiences around the country at a local level.