Video Popularity, By The Grace Of Nielsen


Nielsen-owned Gracenote has brought to market a new data offering that enables entertainment providers to more effectively understand the TV shows and movies that viewers want to watch, so that they can promote them accordingly from within their catalogs.

The Gracenote Video Popularity Score is part of Gracenote’s Advanced Discovery suite of metadata products.

The Score, says Gracenote, “helps to identify and surface hot content by considering recency of TV show airings and theatrical movie releases, viewership and awareness signals from Gracenote and Nielsen plus data from trusted external sources.”

Based on these inputs, Gracenote calculates a numerical score representing the general population’s recognition level of individual TV series or movies.

By integrating Video Popularity Score data, entertainment providers can deliver smart guides which automatically identify the most popular programming and prioritize it in their user interfaces, personalized recommendations and search results.

The new solution also enables improved voice capabilities through better understanding of user intent within spoken queries.

For example, the dataset can help differentiate between the broadcast TV show and the Major League Soccer team in response to the voice command, “Watch Chicago Fire.”

Additionally, Video Popularity Score can inform editorial curation efforts focused on identifying trending content as well as guide licensing activities designed to add potentially resonant TV shows and movies to customers’ catalogs.

Viewership is assessed through a proprietary algorithm which analyzes consumption data covering linear TV, VOD and OTT from Nielsen Total Content Ratings, movie box office data from Gracenote plus additional raw data from third-party sources.

Awareness is calculated based on social media conversation measurement from Nielsen Social Content Ratings combined with key engagement data from outside sources. Given the quality and quantity of signals, Video Popularity Score is one of the most advanced trending measures available to the market today.

Nielsen acquired Gracenote in 2017.