$28 idea behind Butterfinger’s latest TV commercial


Ad creative can come from anywhere and anyone. That truth was borne out through Nestle Butterfinger’s “Nobody’s Gonna Lay a Finger on My Butterfinger” Video Contest. The winner invested $28 – the cost of two pizzas and a Butterfinger candy bar. That was enough to launch a new TV ad, which begins airing nationally 2/15. Nestle USA Confections & Snacks Division’s Tricia Bowles tells RBR-TVBR the new spot will run on Comedy Central, MTV2, G4, Adult Swim and other networks/stations.
Nestle Butterfinger conducted a national search for creative content through a user generated video contest in 2009. The challenge: How far would you go to protect your Butterfinger candy bar? The question hit a nerve and more than 600 entries were received.

“We relaunched the brand’s iconic tagline, which was made popular by Bart Simpson in the 90s,” said Daniel Jhung, Butterfinger marketing manager. “We needed an updated, fresh way of communicating the message, so we allowed Butterfinger fans to take control of the brand and express themselves in a very real way.”

The direct approach to get Butterfinger fans involved launched a national marketing campaign encouraging people to democratize the tagline and make it their own. Consumers signed on as Butterfinger FUNterns; actor/comedian Seth Green got involved in one of the nation’s first consumer packaged goods alternate reality games; and finally, the user generated video contest — all of which served to once again bring to life the brand’s memorable tagline, “Nobody’s Gonna Lay A Finger on My Butterfinger!”

“This approach essentially allowed consumers to talk to each other about the brand they love,” said Jhung. “As a result, we got hundreds of new ideas with a wide range of creative interpretation and depth. The content laboratory is getting bigger and bigger.”

The best videos were posted online, people were able to chat about them and vote for the one they liked best, generating a higher level of engagement and a deeper affinity for the brand.

Butterfinger’s “Phone App” TV commercial was created by David Markus, a graduate of USC’s Film School and an avid Butterfinger fan. He received the $25,000 grand prize and a one-year supply of Butterfinger candy bars. His winning spot, which can be seen at www.youtube.com/butterfinger, will run on TV nationally through Q3, on Facebook.com/Butterfinger and on Butterfinger’s YouTube page, as well.