4As to adopt non-discrimination vendor policy (audio)

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The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) will make a historic announcement on 10/25. It’s a non-discrimination media vendor policy and a complaint review process (process to address suspected discriminatory practices such as No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates). Sherman Kizart, Managing Director, Kizart Media Partners, sent an email on it to FCC Chair Julius Genachowski. (see below).

Kizart gave RBR-TVBR details on the history of discriminatory ad practices, hear the audio, at the top of the page.

Kizart gave RBR-TVBR details of the meetings between him and Bill Koenigsberg, Chairman of the 4As Media Policy Committee, and the Committee itself–audio below.

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See the attachment at the top right from Bill Koenigsberg, Chairman of the 4As Media Policy Committee, detailing the process and the policy, along with a complaint review process.

Kizart’s email on to FCC Chair Julius Genachowski:

Good morning Chairman Genachowski,
Bill Koenigsberg, Chairman of the 4As Media Policy Committee, and Chairman/CEO of Horizon Media and I met on October 17 at his New York office.
Chairman Koenigsberg presented a 4AS NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY RELATED TO VENDOR SELECTION document to me.  The document also contains a Complaint Review Process as an important part of the Nondiscrimination policy.  The 4As NON DISCRIMINATION Policy is attached to my note for your review.
Chairman Genachowski, you will be pleased to know that the 4As Media Policy Committee adopted this policy consistent with the Federal Communication Commission’s media regulations in this area.
Chairman Koenigsberg indicated in my meeting with him that the 4As would distribute this document to over 800 of its members as early as next week.
Furthermore, Chairman Koenigsberg indicated that he would be signing a CEO pledge in his capacity as Chairman and CEO of Horizon Media as the leading example  in support of this document. His plans call for his fellow CEOs of media agencies to follow suit with his example by signing the pledge as well.
FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell and then FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein asked me to work with them and their respective staffs in creating a dialog and working cooperatively with the advertising industry to address concerns regarding discriminatory advertising practices on federally licensed broadcast stations.
No Urban and No Hispanic Dictates costs African American and Hispanic  targeted and owned broadcasters an estimated $250 million in lost revenue annually.
My efforts have been on-going including my communications with Commissioner McDowell in this area. We met with the 4As Media Policy Committeee in June 2011. Commissioner McDowell participated via phone conference after the initial meeting was rescheduled. 
Chairman Koenigsberg, Nancy Hill, CEO of the 4As, Mike Donahue, and the 4As are to be congratulated on this historic and important development. The 4As will be sharing this historic development with the advertising, media, and regulatory communities  early next week via a strategic communications plan.
I wanted to take time to make you and your office aware of this very important development.
Thank you in advance for your attention, time, and response.
Sherman K. Kizart
Managing Director
Kizart Media Partners